Lead generation company UK MD celebrates 30,000th qualified lead

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Lead generation company Win At LinkedIn has become one of the best lead generation companies in UK and Europe having generated its 30,000th qualified B2B lead.

UK lead generation company Win At LinkedIn has generated its 30,000th qualified lead this month making it one of Europe’s best lead generation companies.

The milestone was reached on the 1st April as the lead generation company concluded another successful campaign for a client B2B technology company.

Founder and managing director, Jonny Rose, was ecstatic at the news:

“This has been a hugely exciting time of growth for our lead generation company. Much of the credit has to go to our lead generation team who work diligently around the clock serving our clients across the globe.”

Rose continued:

“We are elated to have reached this milestone. We have run lead generation campaigns for some of the largest B2B technology companies in the world – but never in a million years did I envision us getting to 30,000 qualified leads in such a short space of time”.

Win At Linkedin started as a 1-2-1 coaching service for B2B professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers that want to generate leads, nurture prospects and close deals. The company was established in 2017 – and in its first six months secured clients in the UK, India and US, including PwC, SpendNetwork, Whiteboard Geeks and Growth Hack World.

What separates the new Win At Linkedin lead generation service from others is that the agency has a “No Automation” policy, relying instead on staff to successfully manage prospecting on Linkedin for clients.

Rose explains:

“Other Linkedin lead generation agencies require login passwords to access your profile and then use automation tools that can get you banned from Linkedin – not us.

We use independent campaign managers that approach target prospects on Linkedin with messages pre-approved by clients. Our interactions with prospects take a personal and human approach, based on our experience, this style of business development builds trust and starts conversations the right way for our clients to then progress further. Once a target prospect responds with interest, our campaign managers make a formal introduction on Linkedin Messenger to the end client so that they can follow-up and close the deal.

Incredibly, this is now the 30,000th introduction made on LinkedIn as a result of our Linkedin lead generation team”

Win At LinkedIn operates from a London head office and Magdeburg, Germany. With the success of the agency growing, the founders are now looking at building a fixed presence in the United States and the Middle East.

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