Lead Generation and Reputation Management Reaches 517 Customers in Raleigh NC

RevenueBrew Lead Generation reaches 517 users of their popular Reputation Management and Lead Generation Product

RevenueBrew and owner Dave Allen announces its milestone for 500 users users of its Reputation Management and RevenueBrew Lead Generation services. In celebration of this major event, Dave Allen is making a donation to hurricane victims. Details can be found on the website: RevenueBrew.com.

RevenueBrew Lead Generation has attracted small to medium sized businesses that are interested in a product that gets them more 5 star reviews. The continued popularity has allowed for the development of several innovations, including hot leads actually calling the business and even ranking the business in the Google Money Three Pack. This allows businesses of any size to compete with the ‘big dogs’ in their market. Not many businesses start out with a million dollar marketing budget, so RevenueBrew does things backwards. They concentrate on getting the customers first, then they market the reviews, then the customers can focus on expansion in the marketplace as they now have the budget. “Nobody else does it this way” says owner Dave Allen, “I had an A-Ha! moment a few years ago and used this process myself. Now we provide it to others.”

Mike Taylor, Application Project Manager, has been extremely excited by the growing momentum of RevenueBrew Lead Generation and upon reaching this milestone, had this to say about the product. “With this new technology we are able to really help businesses get more leads and more customers. The new algorithms that we have developed have helped to bring the cost down dramatically. This is affordable for everyone now.”

For example, one of their vertical markets that has shown great success is the field of Chiropractics. They created a site where Chiropractors can get a free report that shows them their Reputation Score as well as ways to fix it. They are planning to roll out reports for other markets as well in the near future.

People looking for a new Reputation Management or Lead Generation service are encouraged to take a look at the RevenueBrew Lead Generation website at RevenueBrew.com.

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