Le-vel 8 Week Thrive Experience Just Released 3 and Free Fitness Program

Le-vel is taking the Weight Loss, Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Industry by storm and is experiencing amazing growth in North America. Le-vel seems to be the #1 Health and Fitness Program in North America.

 4 year Old Company now dominates the weight loss, health and fitness industry with their new release of DFT. There is a company by the name of Le-vel that is taking the industry by storm. This company is growing at a record pace because of their Breakthrough Patented and Highly Sophisticated Fitness and weight loss Program. At the growth of 4300% over the last 12 months, people are losing weight and getting in top peak shape faster than ever. No company, fitness programs, meal replacement programs or gyms are providing the thriving results that are being accomplished by this program .Le-vel has released their patented Derma Fusion Technology which no other company on the planet has. Derma Fusion Technology is the new era in Weight Loss. The result is a time released delivery, and absorption rate, greatly superior to that of any consumable product. The DFT™ formula rockets the metabolic rate, promoting clean, healthy weight management, without aiding in muscle breakdown or deterioration, like a majority of weight loss products available. Not to mention, this is ALL NATURAL. Derma Fusion Technology is just one of the products in the arsenal of Le-vel and the 8 week thrive experience. Learn more by visiting www.nuhealth-fitness.com

The 8 week thrive experience is a program designed by Le-vel that hundreds of thousands of people across North America have already gotten involved with. This experience is designed to help people reach their peak, physical, mental and healthy weight levels. This is a 3 step process that can be done in a matter of minutes. This program makes it Super Easy for the average person to get one step closer to their fitness goals one day at a time. Le-vel makes customers look Great and feel Ultra Premium like never before!  Results from the THRIVE Experience are high impact, and can slightly differ for everyone – depending on which areas of a persons lifestyle that needs the most help – and depending on their 8 week goal. Whether their goal is to lose weight, get in the best shape of their life, or simply be the best anyone can be, they know the THRIVE 8 Week Experience will get people THRIVIN’ in all areas of their life!

Le-vel has completely changed and revolutionized the weight loss industry with their patented and highly sophisticated weight loss technology. Le-vel’s top of the line meal replacement shakes, appetite suppressants and Derma- Fusion Technology in which Le-vel created and solely owns the rights to. Their Thrive Mix is an Ultra Premium Shake that’s Ultra Micronized which gives a better delivery into the system.With a  blend of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, anti oxidants, enzymes,pro-biotics and amino acids is the first and only premium mix ever developed. Le-vel and their Derma Fusion Technology is the only one in the WORLD. All products are not created equally and Le-vel has proven that with their superior product line. Testimonials continue to pour in by the thousands and people are extremely satisfied with the results that they are getting. For more information visit www.nuhealth-fitness.com.

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