LC Container Announces Expanded Stock of Prime-Grade, One-Trip Containers

Steel shipping containers can be customized for a wide variety of purposes with new expanded stock also added.

Broker LC Container announced the expansion of its inventory of one-trip, steel shipping containers. Acquired and offered after serving on only a single ocean-going voyage, these containers are in nearly-new condition and are therefore suitable for usages where grade is of the greatest importance. The company's steel containers have been used for everything from long-term storage of industrial parts to living quarters for field crews stationed in far-off locations.

"Our business is booming," company representative Michael Leger said, "and we're working hard to meet the demand from our loyal customers. The new sources we have arranged for one-trip containers should ensure that those wanting the best will come away happy." Nearly 90 percent of all cargo shipped today is carried in standardized steel shipping containers. In addition to making it far easier to load cargo ships, these containers offer great utility for a variety of other purposes when they are no longer needed for shipping. LC Container specializes in acquiring and selling containers of this sort to a wide range of customers.

"Our customization services are a big part of the reason so many customers come to us," Leger continued, "and, once customized, these one-trip containers make for great living quarters, job site offices, or even hunting camps." Used steel shipping containers for sale have typically put in anywhere between five and fifteen years of service sheltering cargo, and are often the perfect answer when low-cost, long-term storage of less-valuable goods is needed. One-trip containers, on the other hand, have done very little duty of this sort and are therefore often requested when the cosmetic and other condition of the containers is more important. LC Container offers custom shipping containers for sale in all grades for a variety of purposes, including painting them and adding improvements such as windows, doors, and insulation as requested.

Before selling its containers on to customers, LC Container subjects them to rigorous inspections, including assessments of structural integrity and weather-proofing. It also leases containers to customers who only need them on a limited-term basis and buys containers from those who no longer need them. It offers delivery of all of its products, including expert positioning and setup as required. Its expanded stock of one-trip containers is one of the largest in its part of Texas and will continue to be enhanced as market availability and customer demand allow. Those researching where to purchase shipping containers often find that the company has the best selection and terms, especially as it is highly flexible and will match any other offer.

About LC Container:
One of the premier providers in the state of Texas, LC Container offers steel shipping containers fit for every conceivable purpose. Its customized containers have been used with great success for a wide variety of purposes, and it offers a deep selection of both prime-condition, one-trip containers and extremely economical ones suited for cost-effective use in less-demanding applications.

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