Layton Utah Audiologist Discreet Hearing Aid Custom Installation Plan Launched

Layton-based hearing specialists Intermountain Hearing Center are offering new professional hearing tests and hearing aid fitting. Interested parties can get in touch for reliable and high quality audiologist services.

Intermountain Hearing Centers in Layton, Utah is launching a new hearing test and hearing aid service. Patients can get in touch for a personalized consultation and hearing aid fitting, helping them get back on the path to clearer hearing and improved quality of life.

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To prove the effectiveness of today’s discreet high-tech digital hearing aids, Intermountain Hearing Centers is offering free hearing test appointments. This is in addition to free hearing aid selection, free fitting plus a free follow-up and adjustment appointments. Patients can then try out their new hearing aid for up to 28 days to appreciate how much it improves their everyday quality of life.

Intermountain Hearing Centers provide hearing solutions that are customized to each patient’s individual and lifestyle needs. Today’s advanced technology ensures their doctors of audiology in Layton precisely fit hearing aids that are more discrete, powerful, and user-friendly. They stock a complete range of state-of-the-art hearing aids to deliver pristine sound and exceptional listening clarity so patients can hear more clearly, even in noisy environments.

They can carry out comprehensive diagnostic audiological evaluations and hearing tests for adults and children using the very latest technology on site at the Layton center. Video otoscopy is available to provide a detailed view of the ear canal and computerized hearing analysis is also available to help provide a complete hearing diagnosis.

Once patients have enjoyed their free trial usage at home for up to 28 days, they simply join a personal treatment plan tailored to their precise needs with a payment option that works for them. The service is backed with a comprehensive patient support program, which includes professional hearing aid cleaning, replacement batteries and a fully warrantied repair service should a hearing aid need repairing.

Other hearing services offered at their Layton practice include professional ear examinations, earwax removal, the provision of ear moulds for hearing aids, iPods and MP3s, water damage ear plugs and personal noise protection for musicians and athletes. They also run rehabilitation counselling for hearing loss and tinnitus and seminars for groups and organisations.

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