Layla Groleau’s upcoming book to bring hope amid uncertain times

Groleau showcases stories of resilience and hope through pandemic, social unrest, and fear. Everyday, people brilliantly demonstrate how to live positively through an uncertain present and future.

AURORA, IL, November 18 — Educator Layla Groleau has found a silver lining during this time of pandemic and fear. This, she shares in her upcoming book entitled “Worst Case Scenario-Best Life Ever: Stories of Hope and Healing from a World in Chaos” launching on November 20.

While the world is battling COVID 19, social unrest, isolation, and many other challenges, this author showcases stories of compassion, ingenuity and resilience that bring healing to the weary human heart and hope for embattled communities. The lessons learned from these inspiring stories provide wisdom, tools for a future of both uncertainty and promise.

Groleau, fueled by the goodness and strength she witnessed in people during these trying times, writes in her pages the stories of hope.

“In this time of fear, panic, and pain, I want to draw attention to the amazing acts of love and selflessness that are being poured out. I want people to remember these beautiful gestures of love and rekindle hope in humanity,” she said.

In her book,, Groleau inspires readers to look beyond these tough times.

“I challenge all of us to discover and hold onto the hidden gifts of this crazy and chaotic moment in time, the life lessons that will guide us as we move forward. Our senses and feelings are heightened right now. Let’s capitalize on this reality by harnessing the good. This mindset will help us to thrive as individuals and grow stronger as communities,” she added.

Groleau is a National Board Certified English teacher, a writer, and speaker. She co-authored Parents’ College Survival Guide: Planning and Paying for College. As a wife, mother of four, and grandmother of five, she relishes her time with people, big and small. Contributing purposefully to the world around her, she enjoys serving in her church community, creating and visiting beautiful gardens, travelling, and connecting to people of many backgrounds.

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