Lawrenceville GA Insurance Broker Business & Contractors Expert Announced

Lawrenceville, GA insurance broker The Ephraim Group has announced several insurance products for small businesses. The Lawrenceville insurance brokerage firm will provide SMEs with business owner policies, building, auto and overall small business cover from 7 leading national and local carriers.

Lawrenceville, GA insurance broker The Ephraim Group announced the launch of multiple insurance products for small and medium enterprises. The award-winning small business insurance specialist also provides several commercial products including general liability, property & auto cover, and business insurance.

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A report in the Gwinnett Daily Post recognizes the city of Lawrenceville as a key center for urban development. The city’s status as a center for the arts and medical innovation has spurred a $200 million downtown mixed-use development and redevelopment project. The paper also reports that the city’s unemployment rate is at its lowest since 2001 fueled by a growth in the job market and the overall workforce.

The Ephraim Group supports the growth in the local economy by providing industry-leading cost-effective small and medium enterprise (SME) insurance solutions. The company’s commercial insurance provides product offerings from leading local and nationwide insurance carriers including The Hanover Insurance Group, Progressive, Access Insurance Company, Donegal, and Genesee General.

The company’s insurance products for SMEs include a business owner policy that combines elements of commercial property insurance and general liability products. The Lawrenceville insurance brokerage also provides worker’s compensation coverage and other relevant products.

Statutes in the state of Georgia require businesses employing three or more people to ensure that their employees receive adequate disability, worker’s compensation, and unemployment insurance. Vehicles and certain business activities may also require specialized coverage. The Ephraim Group serves as a one-stop insurance brokerage that provides comprehensive insurance solutions including small business insurance against natural and human-made disasters, umbrella policies, and multi-line products.

According to a spokesperson for the Lawrenceville insurance brokerage, “Small and medium businesses are the cornerstone of our local economy. We are happy to help businesses protect their investments, comply with local and state statutes, and enjoy comprehensive cover from some of the nation’s most trusted insurers.”

Headquartered in the city of Lawrenceville, The Ephraim Group is a full-service insurance brokerage firm providing personal and life insurance products, auto & motorcycle insurance, home, life, & building cover, and a wide range of business insurance products. The company holds the 2017 “Best of Gwinnett” award. More information is available over the phone at 770-676-6688 and at the URL above.

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