LaweROI: Revenue-Growth Consulting for Attorneys in a Post-Pandemic World

10X-Revenue Blueprint: a new beta program from LaweROI is now live. It’s a one-week consulting for LAW FIRMS that are struggling to become pandemic-proof. A ‘tailored’ in-depth look to all current marketing systems—aiming to increase revenue, by multiplying and accelerating client acquisition.

LaweROI announced the launch of “10X-Revenue Blueprint ” one-week consulting for 2021. It’s a custom-made program that helps LAW FIRMS become pandemic proof, get more clients and significantly increase their revenue… but it does so, with a difference.

P.K. Winyeci, CEO at, says: “We’re living in a post-pandemic world, and the rules for effective legal marketing have changed. Unfortunately, the vast majority of growth consultants are still offering “pre-pandemic outdated” advice, pushing old methods that don’t work anymore.”

So, as a welcome breath of fresh air for Law Firms adapting to a post-pandemic world, LaweROI assess the entire ‘revenue vs. profit’ equation, boost marketing systems that drive revenue and eliminate those that don’t.

P.K. Winyeci added “We do one thing and we do it very well—we amplify marketing systems (in post-pandemic ways), to drive a law firm’s revenue to levels, well, most don’t believe are possible. In addition, our 2021 approach is unknown to most growth consultants and marketing agencies out there—they mean well, but they’re often running with outdated advice and “obsolete” methods.”

He adds: In contrast, the strategies our revenue-growth consulting will reveal, are so effective that after proper implementation, they can translate into multiple million dollars in extra revenue a year. Even hundreds of millions in extra revenue—depending on how big the law firm is.”

As far as we can tell, the 10X-Revenue Blueprint is a tailored consulting approach, one that suits a law firm’s specific needs and can be adapted to small, medium or big firms. One of the objectives is to optimize, accelerate and multiply client acquisition systems.

The 2021 version is still in BETA, and according to Mr. Winyeci that’s good news. Because LaweROI is offering an 80% OFF discount (during the beta phase). To find out more about this new program and visit

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