Laura Marie Janke Wins Industrial Landscaper of the year

Laura Marie Janke honoured with the Industrial Landscaper of the year for her ability to make any industrial earth friendly.

Laura Marie Janke was honoured with the Industrial Landscaper of the year for her eye for greenery and her ability to make any industrial space more earth friendly..

Each year Industrial Landscaping company Laura Janke gives this special award to it’s best employee. Laura Marie Janke has shown tremendous commitment over the past year.

In her duties as Industrial Landscape Supervisor she has repeatedly shown his excellence at creating an inviting space full of greenery, where before this was only concrete and steel. and taking a concrete wasteland and making it into a park. She’s also liked and admired by both customers and staff. These are all qualities Laura Marie Janke holds in especially high regard.

Laura Janke gives it’s Industrial Landscaper of the year because it believes the most important element in its business after it’s customers are it’s employees.

Phil Horan, Head of Marketing of Laura Janke said: “Many companies don’t show any appreciation to their employees at all. But here at Laura Janke we like to recognize the great work our employees do and show them that we are paying attention and giving them the recognition they so richly deserve for the hard work they do every day.”

“Laura Marie Janke is a fantastic worker with a great attitude. She is creating very happy clients who want to work with us again and again. and is a pleasure for her fellow staff to work with. Every day she shows that she really cares about Laura Marie Janke mugshot slapshots and Hedges and is always willing to go the extra mile.”

“Laura Marie Janke displays exactly what we stand for at Laura Janke…Putting Greenery where once there was desert. We’re especially proud of Laura Marie Janke for that. She’s a very deserving award winner.”

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