Launch of Mindfulness Haven Galway- meditation and yoga studio.

Welcome to a place for mindfulness and relaxation in Galway city. Experience the benefits of meditation, relaxation, yoga and more. Relax with a sound bath, learn how to use mindfulness to manage stress, practice yoga, check the timetable for regular classes.

Official launch of mindfulness, yoga and relaxation studio in Galway

Mindfulness Haven Galway is a yoga, meditation and relaxation studio that has been open since September this year. It has been renovated and ready to celebrate its’ opening officially in December. See the link

A wide variety of classes and workshops will be held in Galway’s greatest venue.

Practitioners, teachers and instructors will be happy to introduce themselves and their programmes, including: mindfulness and meditation classes, mindfulness courses for pregnancy and childbirth, mindfulness for teenagers, and children, techniques to support mental and emotional wellbeing, sound bath relaxation, gong meditation, yoga for children, and teenagers, dance classes, and fitness, aerobic, pilates, self-dafance classes.

Studio is getting ready to host exciting concerts and art project. Voice workshops, drumming workshops, and other sound healing courses will be on the programme in coming year 2020

Mindfulness Haven Galway is a space where your physical and emotional wellbeing is important to us. We created this place to offer you a safe haven where you can relax and recharge yourselve with positive energy, join many classes and workshops to boost your health and mental wellness. See the programme on the website

At the heart of Mindfulness Haven Galway services lies emotional, mental and physical well-being of all generations.

Believing that relaxation is the key to a healthy mind and body, and is essential in our busy modern world.

Programmes are tailored for different group ages from babies to teenagers, women, men, and seniors.

Mindfulness Haven Galway runs also seminar, mindfulness sessions, sound baths, and team building services for corporate wellness needs.

The yoga, workshop, classes studio is also available for rent, and open for viewings on the day.

The launch of the studio is happening on 8th of December 2020 in Mindfulness Haven Galway venue, at Headford Road, Galway. From 4pm-6pm

The event is free.

Release ID: 88936450