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A new report explaining the importance of replacing a missing tooth has been launched. The report is perfect for anyone that is missing a tooth or worried about their oral health.

A new report has been launched detailing the reasons why it is incredibly important to replace a missing tooth. The report explains what happens when a tooth is missing, and goes into detail on why it is so important to get a replacement tooth. This makes the report ideal for anybody that has lost a tooth for any reason, or anyone that is going to need a tooth removed in the future.

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Anyone that has lost a tooth in the past will know that losing or even damaging a tooth for the first time can be very frightening. Nevertheless, half of the entire world’s population is missing at least one, and usually several teeth.

This means that anyone that has lost a tooth is not alone, and it is very normal. There are a huge variety of reasons that it could happen, including trauma from an accident, illness, or even just insufficient tooth care. No matter the reason, it is important for anyone that has lost a tooth to get a replacement.

Readers will find that in modern society, a natural looking smile is seen as healthy, and to achieve this healthy smile, a full set of teeth is usually needed. However, if a tooth is lost or damaged at the back of the mouth, it is never seen when smiling, so often people will overlook this.

The report explains that it is incredibly important to replace the tooth, as leaving a missing tooth untreated can have serious consequences for health and daily life.

One such negative effect is the effect that a missing tooth has on surrounding teeth. This is because there is a lack of stability where the tooth used to be, meaning neighbouring teeth are left without support. The neighbouring teeth start to shift and move and can even collapse. This can make it incredibly difficult to replace the missing tooth as the gap will decrease.

Furthermore, readers will find that the missing tooth can have effects on the jawbone and gums as well. Healthy teeth always perform micro-movements in the mouth, which stimulate the gums and jaw bone in the process. However with a missing tooth, this stimulation is changed and reduced, meaning the jaw bone can start to shrink and gums pull back.

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