Latino Business Development Successful Entrepreneurs Interviews Announced

A leading Latino business development firm has announced an online summit that highlights interviews with leading Latino business owners. Tickets are now available.

The Latino Entrepreneur Summit for 2020 has been announced. This groundbreaking event is scheduled to take place online from September 15th to October 15, 2020. Registration has begun and complimentary tickets are now available.

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The announcement of this event is set to provide an amazing 7 days of inspiring stories from leading Latino entrepreneurs and much more. Entrepreneurs’ Mission is to contribute valuable information to the Latino community by sharing the stories and insights from Latinos who have taken the journey of entrepreneurship.

The summit will feature interviews with 17 Latino entrepreneurs. The interviews will focus on the skills that are required to be a successful entrepreneur. It is hoped that the interviews will both inspire and teach others to develop the skills needed to succeed.

The lineup of Latino Entrepreneurs include Don Daniel Ortiz, Jenny Johansen, Victor Antonio, Magie Cook, Chuck Garcia, Pam Covarrubias, Eli Vazquez, Mariely Sylvette Martinez, Dr. Robert J. Renteria, Rita Bautista, Diego J Rios, Ina Coveney, Bert Oliva, Monica Rivera, Edgar Carreon, Erika Lucas, Alex Ontiveros, and Anthony Treas.

Interested parties can watch all the interviews online. The interviews will be kept online for 48 hours. Aspiring Latino entrepreneurs can also purchase a VIP Access Pass if they want unlimited access to the recordings.

The Latino Entrepreneur Summit is filled with incredible stories and valuable lessons from Latino Entrepreneurs. Each interview is packed with expert tips and proven strategies. Aspiring entrepreneurs in the Latino community are sure to find this summit a life-changing event.

The announcement of this online Latino business summit is geared to help the Latino business community achieve new levels of success. Anthony Treas is the host of this event and the website has a short video outlining the event for those who may be interested.

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