Latherwhip Share Cute Ideas For Valentines Day For Him & Romantic Surprise Gifts

Founder of the male grooming brand 'Latherwhip' AJ Hardy shares his thoughts on love and romance, while giving women some cute ideas on how they can enjoy Valentine's day with their special man. Also announced is a Valentine's Day Special on Latherwhip Products.

The founder of ‘Latherwhip’, one of the world’s top rated male grooming brands, has shared several cute ideas for wives and girlfriends, to show their love and affection to their special guy.

This comes as he announced all Latherwhip grooming products would be sold at more than 50% off their retail price through to celebrated Valentine’s Day.

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Hardy explains how the key to being ‘cute’ is to put a certain kind of smile on a Man’s face. It isn’t a huge ear to ear, tooth-baring smile. It’s more of a softer smile with the eyebrows raising ever so slightly. That, Hardy states, is a Man’s response to his lady doing something cute for him.

Hardy’s #1 recommendation for a cute idea was inspired by something his girlfriend had done for him once. He stated:

“It was very simple and very beautiful… she ran me a hot bath, used some silky bubbles, which I was quietly thrilled with (but wouldn’t tell her that)… and she shaved my face for me. It actually takes a lot of trust to let someone shave you – and it becomes a very close, very intimate moment when done like this”

As such, AJ suggested women across the country might consider sharing a similar moment with their special guy – and it would be an honor if they chose Latherwhip to bring the moment to life.

Latherwhip is a male grooming brand currently selling exclusively through The founder, AJ Hardy is an old romantic and a big believer in ‘Men being Men’. The sentiment is expressed in the brand and so for any woman who appreciates the ‘Manliness’ of her Man – the Latherwhip gift set might just be the perfect way to show him.

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