Latherwhip Has Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Long Distance

Latherwhip Founder AJ Hardy continues his talks on love and romance by sharing ideas on how women in long distance relationships can make the most of Valentine's Day. He also announces Latherwhip shaving products will be more than 50% off for Valentine's Day.

Founder of the much-loved male grooming brand ‘Latherwhip’ AJ Hardy has been embracing the ‘season of love’ with a series of talks around love and relationships. One key theme that was raised revolved around long distance relationships, which are becoming increasingly popular with the advent of social media, location-independent working and online dating.

Hardy also announced that Latherwhip grooming products would be sold at more than 50% off their retail price through in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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Hardy was asked what kind of gifts and ideas would be good for a boyfriend long distance, where they aren’t able to spend the day together and back rubs and special meals might be out of the question.

The Latherwhip Founder responded with this:

“When you can’t be physically present, creativity has to come into play. Apply that loving energy creatively and you’ll come up with something special. Send him something he can open and make it something he’ll look forward to sharing with you. So I have one lady who sent her husband the Latherwhip shaving set while he was away on business – and she told him not to use the set until he returned to her, because she wants to be the one to shave him. Don’t read too much into that (laughs) – but the sentiment is there and it gives him something to think about.”

AJ Hardy concluded his talk by stating simply that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be explosive or over-the-top… just a sweet sentiment to show your partner you adore them. Sharing a special moment together, like bathing together, grooming one another – those small intimate moments can be overwhelmingly romantic.

Latherwhip is a male grooming brand currently selling exclusively through The founder, AJ Hardy is an old romantic and a big believer in ‘Men being Men’. The sentiment is expressed in the brand and so for any woman who appreciates the ‘Manliness’ of her Man – the Latherwhip gift set might just be the perfect way to show him.

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