Latherwhip Badger Shaving Brush To Run Final Amazon Lightning Deal Christmas Eve

'Latherwhip' confirms the final Holiday Lightning Deal of 2015 for its Badger Shaving Brush on Amazon will go ahead on December 24th, Christmas Eve 2015 - Making a great emergency gift for someone you forgot to buy for, with tips on getting away with it.

The plucky young upstart ‘Latherwhip’, a still only months old male grooming brand on Amazon, has announced today that its final Holiday Lightning Deal for their Classy ‘100% Badger Bristle’ Shaving Brush WILL go ahead on Christmas Eve, December 24th 2015.

When The Lightning Deal Goes Live On Xmas Eve, It Can Be Grabbed Here: The Latherwhip Shaving Brush

Insiders from the Latherwhip HQ (well, the one guy who runs the business) explains that the brand was selected from thousands of alternatives to be promoted directly through the Amazon Lightning Deals program on Christmas Eve and it’s a huge opportunity for folks to buy a great looking, well presented, high quality and apparently thoughtful gift for the holidays… especially for someone you forgot about and are now in a rush to get something for… at the lowest price in the last 12 months. “It’s one of the rules” says AJ Hardy.

AJ Hardy, Latherwhip Founder (and the one guy who runs the business) says “Absolutely, if you go out today and buy a nice card, write “I.O.U. lol” in it and maybe even take a snapshot of one of the nice pictures of the brush up there on the listing… you’ve got yourself a passable gift in a pinch. Go one step further and blame the postman for delivering late and you’ll look like a hero! Then it’s a Merry Xmas to all… and of course once it actually does arrive, they’ll be thrilled.”

The Latherwhip brand is up against heavy competition in today’s male grooming market but it stands unfazed. Within six months it became one of Amazon’s Top Rated Shaving Brushes with a strong 5-Star reputation and over 200 glowing reviews. It achieved this based on its unwavering dedication to putting a smile on its clients’ faces. The Founder makes certain to point out that’s not a Dark Knight reference, obviously.

AJ Hardy explains: “The wet shaving community is all about taking the time as a Man, to go through a ritual that forces you to stop, breathe and be in the moment for yourself. You force the world around you to pause, as you lather up and get to it. There is an element of style and class and character throughout, so the #1 most important thing to me in this business is that my clients; those who’ve trusted me enough to part with their money and invest in one of my badger brushes… are glad they did – so it’s always my priority to ensure they feel cared for and treated with absolute respect, even as informal as I tend to be, Christmas of not. I think that counts for a lot and they can reach me at any time.”

Latherwhip is hoping anyone, not just last minute shoppers, whether a new or an experienced wet shaver, will take advantage of the final Amazon Holiday Lightning Deal on Christmas Eve, December 24th 2015, where they’ll be able to grab this top rated pure badger shaving brush at a substantial market discount (approx. 60% off for just a few hours).

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