Latest Punjabi Hot 100 Pop Music Hindi Bollywood & Tamil Chart Website Launched

Delaware-based music website Muxic Beats has launched an online resource displaying music charts for popular songs in various genres including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Hot 100 pop.

Delaware-based company Muxic Beats has launched a website to list charts for Hot 100 pop songs, Punjabi songs, Hindi songs and Tamil songs. The site also provides music gadgets review, music news, polls and album reviews.

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Muxic Beats is a music website with a dedicated team working hard behind the scenes who are passionate about music. On the site, users can find music charts, music genres, song reviews, album reviews, artist biographies, gadget reviews and polls.

Music charts are updated often and are made by careful analysis of market trends. The charts are updated frequently on the basis of radio play, sales data and online streaming activity data. The website is a curated list of the latest pop songs in various genres including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Marathi.

The site has a goal to give users information on the top Punjabi, Hindi and Tamil songs that might not be represented in mainstream music charts. Users can watch the latest Hindi and Bollywood music videos and listen to top-rated Hindi songs as well as watch and listen to the most recent and top-rated Western and Eastern Punjab music ranging from folk, sufi to classical styles.

Charts are updated weekly based on various sales data and online engagement and feature the most popular pop songs in each genre. Featured Punjabi artists include Jai Veeru, Alert Kudey, Jaguar, Daru Di Smell and many more.

Users can read honest and unbiased album and song reviews and can also submit their own. Music-related polls are often updated and added to engage the users and get their opinion about common music ideas and trends. There are also links to purchase albums and songs directly from the iTunes store.

The website aims to be the go-to resource for music news and chart information, especially for Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil artists. Interested parties can find more information at the link above.

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