Laser Tattoo Removal Milwaukee, Laserfied Announces Price Guarantee

Cost of tattoo removal in Milwaukee is more affordable now at Laserfied according to Owner, Juan Bucio who offers flat rate for tattoos less than 3.5 square inches.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin- Popular Milwaukee area laser tattoo removal clinic has set themselves apart from their competition by offering an impressive price guarantee to their customers wanting to get their unwanted in, “laserfied”.

The company has announced they are offering a flat rate of $375 for 7 sessions of laser tattoo removal at Laserfied laser tattoo removal clinic in Milwaukee, WI. Owner, Juan Bucio says this pricing is good for any tattoo as long as it is l3.5 square inches or less. Juan takes pride in offering the folks of the Milwaukee area quality tattoo removal at an affordable price and says their service is second to none, “Our goal at Laserfied laser tattoo removal in Milwaukee is to completely and safely remove unwanted ink. Our staff will do absolutely everything possible to ensure that our clients’ tattoos are removed without any injury or adverse effects to the skin and that our clients are satisfied with the tattoo removal services we provide at our facility here in Milwaukee”.

The business is located at 2778 S 35th St Suite #30, Milwaukee, WI 53215, they opened at this location earlier this year and have quickly gained in popularity and recognition, Laserfied currently has a 5 star rating and they expect it to stay that way. Buicio, the clinic’s owner is also the man in front of the laser, providing his clients the stellar services he promises on his website. Bucio received his training at A Laser Academy laser tattoo clinic and training facility in Colorado. He received his certification in laser tattoo removal as well as laser safety and opened his clinic in hopes of providing a safe place for affordable effective tattoo removal in Wisconsin.

Another main component in the success of Laserfied tattoo removal in Milwaukee is the state of the art laser device Bucio and his staff uses to remove their client’s unwanted ink. They currently use the Quanta Q Plus C, the highly regarded laser tattoo removal device which has 3 true wavelengths which allow all colors of ink to be targeted and eventually removed, safely.

Juan believes when it comes to laser tattoo removal safety is first. And that starts with using only the best, FDA approved aesthetic laser devices on the market.

More information on the Quanta Q Plus C and the tattoo removal process can be found by visiting Laserfied’s website at

The company encourages anyone interested in removing their unwanted to to contact them at 414-238-0030 in order to set up a complimentary consultation.

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