Laser Lithography Digital Device For Micro-Structuring/Microelectronics Launched

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miDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems, a company based in Slovenia has launched its Dali digital laser lithography device for microelectronics, material processing, and micro-structuring.

The launch is in line with the company’s commitment to providing innovative technologies for micro-structuring, microelectronics, material science, microfluidics, quantum optics, and other research requirements.

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With this launch, miDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems delivers a reliable digital tool to help researchers and scientists apply precise laser lithography to their micro-structuring, microelectronics and microfluidics projects with better efficiency.

The company’s Dali lithography device combines state-of-the-art laser technology with user-friendly digital features to support the easier processing of micro-structures for a variety of scientific applications.

miDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems’ table-top laser device allows users to make precise design transfers to small-sized materials without damaging their structure. Users can apply the Dali device’s technology to everything from dense printed circuit boards to simple silicon chip designs.

One unique aspect of the Dali lithography device is its friendly user interface, which uses simplified symbols and instructions to help users find their way easily and build a familiarity with the device faster.

miDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems’ digital device allows the selective exposure of photoresists with no need for photomask lithography. The company also offers proprietary software that comes with a rich CAD library and various editing features, which enables complete development from early design to prototype stages. These features speed up the development process for products like silicon chips and provide a measure of flexibility that improves cost-effectiveness.

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About the Company

Based in Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia, miDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems develops devices for micro-structuring and material processing. The company leverages years of academic research, instrumentation, and industrial development into making world-class systems while exploring new advancements in laser technology.

A satisfied client said, “We carry out research on charge transport, photoconductivity, and initial growth of organic semiconductors on graphene and other 2D nanostructures. Our Dali device allows us to fabricate accurate metal electrodes on nanostructures, which is crucial for the course of our research. We appreciate its accuracy, compactness, speed, friendly interface, and extensive range of structure design tools.”

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