Laser Engraved Celtic Theme Decorations And Holiday Ornaments Launched

Engraved wood decorations online store EP Laser has launched a new line of Celtic theme decorations & holiday ornaments. Carved from eco-friendly recycled wood, these Celtic wedding favors and Irish Christmas decorations celebrate Celtic culture.

EP Laser announced the launch of laser engraved Celtic theme decorations & holiday ornaments. The Arlington-based laser engraving store offers Irish Christmas decorations, Celtic wedding ornaments, gifts, wedding favors, and other products made from recycled wood.

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The laser engraving store’s Irish collection features festive ornaments and Celtic home decor pieces crafted from eco-friendly wood. These ornaments draw from ancient Celtic cultural roots and are representative of Gaelic & Celtic art across several centuries.

EP Laser uses a precision engraving process to cut and engrave decorations on untreated and unpolished wood. All ornaments are shipped unpolished, allowing customers to color, seal, polish, and customize them according to their needs. Laser cutting leaves a mild aroma of scorched wood that dissipates over a few days. All products are lightly sanded for a smooth, splinter-free pre-finish.

Engraved Gaelic wedding decorations are symbolic of unending love, eternity, unity, loyalty, faith, and friendship. Featured designs include the Celtic knot with hearts, trinity knots, and Celtic clovers. Each EP Laser decoration reflects rich mythical, historic, cultural, and religious roots.

The laser engraving studio in Arlington also offers special Celtic Shamrock decorations that are of special significance during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Celtic Christmas decorations are available in season bundles including the 39-piece Ultimate Celtic Ornament Set. Celtic wood decorations find use as picture frames, scrapbook inserts, woodwork accents, and craft supplies.

According to a spokesperson for EP Laser, “Celtic Ornaments are a great way to share the love for the Celtic culture and people. We are delighted to launch our new line of Celtic & Irish festive & wedding decorations to celebrate the values of love, unity, and eternal togetherness.”

EP Laser is a specialty engraved wood decorations online store. The store ships products to anywhere in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia and accepts payments through all major electronic gateways and cards.

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