Laser Body Renewal ‘s Next Generation Cosmetic Laser Fat Loss & Skin Tightening

Laser Body Renewal offers an exciting innovation in Cosmetic Laser Fat Loss & Skin Tightening. It's the only laser FDA approved for both Fat loss and Skin Tightening. For more info go to

Laser Body Renewal today announced that consumers looking for the next generation in Cosmetic Laser Fat Loss & Skin Tightening services are able to have these services right in the center of Fairfield County Connecticut in their Wilton CT office.

Everyone within the industry was excited when this technology was launched, especially since those within Laser Body Renewal feel that “Laser Body Renewal produces lipolysis without equal when compared to traditional cold laser body sculpting. We are so excited about this leap ahead in technology because it works in coordination with the human body to eliminate fat through natural biological pathways. It replaces the traditional cold laser’s freeze attack on fat cells delivering a greater fat loss with a more natural appearance.”

Doctor Jason Lord, Chief Clinical Officer at Laser Body Renewal , when asked about Cosmetic Laser Fat Loss said:

“This is a transformative leap ahead in cosmetic laser fat loss and skin tightening technology.”

Consumers looking for Non Surgical Cosmetic Laser Fat Loss & Skin Tightening services will be interested to know this technology was been developed with Middle Aged Females and Males in mind who struggle to reduce unwanted belly fat, cellulite, arm fat and loose skin and wrinkles.

How does Laser Body Renewal work differently than traditional laser fat reduction? “Its Fat Loss via “Photo Biomodulation” ” Doctor Jason Lord said “This is important because the energy from our laser Photo Biomodulation technology is not limited to a single pinpoint or scanning pinpoint like that of traditional lasers. Instead we use non-coherent light that delivers150 diodes safely (7.8 times more energy) than traditional lasers. Further, we can deliver a dose of 10,035 Lux minutes uniformly to an area up to 23” by 17” which is the largest surface area ever approved by the FDA. This is great news for our clients because it results is a greater amount of fat loss during each session, we can cover a larger area of the body than ever before, and get a more natural appearance.”

Cosmetic Laser Fat Loss goes hand in hand with Laser Skin Tightening. After Laser Fat reduction or significant weight loss it’s important for aesthetic purposes to tighten loose skin for a more youthful appearance. Laser Body Renewal’s laser technology is the only one approved by the FDA for both fat loss and skin tightening. Consumers are pleased with this since it provides a natural appearance and fewer sessions are required.

Laser Body Renewal is painless, there’s no scaring, and no downtime post procedure – no one wants to suffer through painful sessions or be left with the scaring and downtime associated with traditional surgical liposuction. Customers demand this because our clients live fast paced lives with many commitments and responsibilities. Most people cannot be sidelined after a laser session or post procedure and with our approach they do not have to be.

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