Las Vegas SEO Launches New Search Focused Website

The Las Vegas SEO website has been updated to reflect the shift in client demands and what is bringing the most value and revenue not only to small business owners but to the firm itself.

Las Vegas SEO has announced a succesful redesign of the internal marketing agency website to showcase live case studies of client success in the fields of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, and Remarketing. When the business was established over 10 years ago, the agency focused on web design, reputation management, and social media. Fast forward today, the largest revenue producing categories have been the ability to increase client’s search engine rankings organically as well as split test paid traffic through Google Adwords, Google Display Network (for remarketing), and Perfect Audience for Facebook. The explosive growth in the client revenue produced from hot, exclusive leads through search has translated into an influx of demand with the marketing agency, whereas email marketing has remained stagnant.

The outdated website did not have the full schema or NAP information, which is critical for Google and Bing to understand a website is the business and vice versa. Rather than the major search engines guess what a website is about, by displaying phone numbers, addresses, and even the people associated with the agency on the website, rankings have increased organically. The new theme also has a much higher conversion rate. The conversion metric for this website is filling out a consultation request form. Due to the length of the form and the value of each submission, the lifetime value of a client is increased, which enables a higher budget spend for not only Google Adwords landing pages, but also maximizing return on investment (ROI), by capturing those that once shown interest but never took the time to submit the form during their first session.

Website testimonials have been added, which shows the commitment to excellence the firm and its chief strategist Matt Anton use to ensure each client fully understands the big picture as well as the small details which can make or break a digital marketing campaigns success. In the last 10 years the agency has been partnering with small mom and pop as well as major hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, with a renewed focus on search marketing.

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