Las Vegas SEO Experts Announce Top SEO Tips for 2021

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Online Professionals & Business Owners looking for the latest info on Core Web Vitals & Code Bloat can stop by Red Zone SEO for a rundown of the top tips on the subject.

Red Zone SEO has released a free tip sheet to help Online Professionals & Business Owners cut through the clutter and get to the most important aspects of SEO in 2021 that are essential for success. The full list of tips can be found on the company’s website here.

Some of the most effective tips include:

Core Web Vitals & Code Bloat – Google announced this will become a ranking signal in May 2021, so it’s an important one to address. The main goal of measuring these new metrics is to provide a better overall user experience, with faster loading pages and less movement of elements while a page downloads. When a website has a healthy set of Core Web Vitals, users can avoid mis-clicks and other poor user experiences that lead to lost sales.

Focus on Users, not Metrics – Too many self proclaimed experts focus on 3rd party metrics that blind them to what Google and other search engines actually look for, which is to help users find what they are looking for. Domain Authority is actually extremely easy to manipulate, which is what makes it so unreliable as a gauge for quality. Instead, go visit the page and consider what Google considers a “high-quality site” by reviewing the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines published by Google.

Relevant Content Sharing – Google’s John Mueller says: “A good link – so I mean the traditional good link is someone who comes across your website and thinks it’s a fantastic website and recommends it to other people with a link.” When that someone has a well established, relevant business online that they send that link from, it’s much more valuable than a brand new blog that just went live sending a link. This can be done in many ways and usually takes a long time to achieve through guest post outreach, niche edits and other methods.

When asked about the reasons behind the tip sheet, Rob Kafka, Digital Marketing Consultant of Red Zone SEO said;

“There’s a lot of ways to build links, it’s actually kind of scary how many things some people are still selling. A lot of them do more harm than good.”

The tip sheet is available for free and Online Professionals & Business Owners are encouraged to share the tips with others who find the information useful. Any questions can be answered by going to the company website, and filling out the contact form there.

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