Las Vegas Real Estate Low Sellers Commission Listing Property Solutions Updated

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A newly updated property management and real estate transaction service has been launched by April Huynh Real Estate and Property Management Team. They offer bespoke solutions for property buyers, sellers and investors.

April Huynh Real Estate and Property Management Team has launched an updated service for Southern Highlands clients. They offer 2% commission for the seller, with a focus a on real estate and property management. As such, they are seeking to connect with more sellers, buyers, and investors looking for expert management solutions.

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April Huynh Real Estate and Property Management strives to make clients’ real estate transactions as seamless as possible. Run by April Huynh, their goal is to streamline the process while providing helpful tips, estimates and more.

The agency is currently seeking buyers, sellers and any client who needs their property managed professionally. Their 2% listing service is lower than the usual percentage, and provides clients a saving while still ensuring full-service solutions on the listing of their home for sale.

Their full range of services includes property listing, realtor services, residential and commercial property purchase, property sales, and complete property management.

April began in the management of a photography business, developing skills that have proven highly valuable in the real estate field. She is able to put customer service above all else, using expert negotiation skills to reach more practical solutions in every dealing.

Investors and property owners needing the best property management solutions are encouraged to get in touch. Services include properly vetting potential tenants, utilizing industry experience and the latest technology to ensure a smooth rental.

The team also makes sure that clients are paid on time and with regularity. Alongside this, they will communicate regularly with property owners in regards to repair issues, while striving to keep repair costs to a minimum.

Their property management services are part of their commitment to client focus. The team strives to do the majority of work behind the scenes, keeping tenants happy so they stay for longer periods of time.

For sellers, the team can design a custom plan to distinguish the home from others in the area. The focus here is on shortening the length of time that the property stays on the market.

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