Las Vegas Preschool Accelerates Healthy Meals Program and Food Education

Las Vegas Preschool Accelerates Healthy Meals Program and Food Education. Kids ‘R’ Kids Henderson/Silverado Ranch Welcomes Chef Robert Fry.

Las Vegas, NV – Kids ‘R’ Kids Henderson/Silverado Ranch, the unique and pioneering children’s learning academy that is light-years beyond traditional daycare, welcomes Chef Robert (“Rob”) Fry back to Las Vegas. Chef Rob returned during Week of the Young Child, bringing his extensive food and beverage expertise to Kids ‘R’ Kids.

Countering childhood obesity is a top priority at Kids ‘R’ Kids Henderson/Silverado Ranch. They know that providing healthy food and teaching kids proper nutrition are crucial not only to children’s health but to their learning capacity.

With the help of Chef Rob, Kids ‘R’ Kids is accelerating programs to educate children about balanced nutritional eating. These programs will encourage kids to eat healthy, exercise and learn about growing their own fresh food at home in a family garden.

Unlike most children’s learning centers and daycares, Kids ‘R’ Kids has a commercial grade kitchen where meals are prepared onsite. Chef Rob, following USDA guidelines, will promote eating healthy and tasty food, incorporating protocols to ensure children with food allergies are protected.

Chef Rob’s philosophy is about making healthy food taste appealing. “When I started cooking here (at Kids ‘R’ Kids) you could smell it through the whole place, all the seasonings, and it just smelled really good and all the kids were just eating up the food. You have to put flavor into everything if you want someone to eat the food. These are not just meals that you throw in the microwave or put in a pan and warm up. I think that is what you find when you just hire cooks and you don’t hire someone who knows what they’re doing.”

In this 10th year of planting its own garden onsite, Kids ‘R’ Kids and Chef Rob will teach children about gardening and growing food. Using a hands-on approach over the next 6-8 months, the kids will enjoy an immersive and fun experience reinforcing the concepts of growing, preparing and eating fresh healthy food

Through healthy eating programs and student gardening, Kids ‘R’ Kids will educate children and families about the importance of balanced nutritional eating to reduce childhood obesity.

Chef Rob, originally from Anaheim, California, spent 14 years in Las Vegas before moving to Austin, Texas. He spent 10 years in Austin, where he worked for Poet’s Walk, a premium memory care facility, Marriott Hotels, and as Sous Chef and Chef de Partie at several restaurants.

Contact Robert Fry, Chef and Dietary Director, Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy Henderson/Silverado Ranch at (805) 268-2517.

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Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy Henderson/Silverado Ranch has more than 18 years of experience in preparing young children for future educational success. The onsite owners have experience in Education & Family Counseling. There is a nationally accredited curriculum which includes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education. Kids ‘R’ Kids was the first national early childhood education franchise to be granted District Accreditation from the AdvancED Accreditation Commission. Parents trust Kids ‘R’ Kids to “Hug First, Then Teach” and ensure each child’s safety. Together we change the world.

For a complete list of programs and more information about Kids ‘R’ Kids, please visit the site or call (702) 270-6010. Kids ‘R’ Kids address is 985 E Serene Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89123.


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