Las Vegas iPhone Repair iPad Computer Glass Replacement Service Launched

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Smart Fix, a Las Vegas-based phone and device repair shop, launched their updated services. The shop offers advanced repair services for laptops, phones, tablets, game consoles, and more.

Smart Fix, a Las Vegas-based electronics and device repair shop, launched their updated repair services for phones, computers, tablets, and more. The company offers industry-leading repair services in the Las Vegas region.

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The latest launch focuses on the many services that Smart Fix offers. The shop offers repair services for a variety of devices and gadgets. While Smart Fix specializes in phone repair, they also offer repair services for tablets, computers, game consoles, and smartwatches.

For phones, the company can repair or replace LCD screens, glass screens, buttons, and batteries. The glass only repair service is unique and requires specialized tools and expertise. With glass repair, rather than removing the entire LCD screen, the company simply removes and replaces the top layer of glass. This option is more affordable for customers.

Glass only repair services are available for iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy devices.

Smart Fix also offers micro-soldering services, a form of advanced device repair. These services require highly specific tools and techniques. With micro-soldering services, Smart Fix can repair sensitive chips and sensors in phones.

Smart Fix offers repairs for devices other than phones as well. Their laptop and computer repair services can boost productivity and speed with upgrades and software diagnostics. Smart Fix works with both Mac and PCs.

With shops throughout Las Vegas, Smart Fix offers convenient locations for customers in the area. Their location can be found here

Smart Fix also purchases broken or unwanted devices, offering a premium rate for these items. Other services offered by Smart Fix include specialized rates for educational institutions and schools, as well as exclusive offers for MGM Resort employees.

Smart Fix is an industry-leading repair shop that has been servicing customers in the Las Vegas region for over 10 years. The company utilizes expert knowledge and technical skills to offer affordable, high-quality repair services to their customers. As technology advances, Smart Fix makes sure to learn and adapt to the times, and in doing so, can offer cutting-edge service.

A satisfied customer said: “I was so happy to come across Smart Fix. My iPhone screen was shattered. I went in and all the staff was very kind. The prices are very affordable and they left my phone looking brand new. Highly recommend this place!”

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