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Las Vegas Drug and Alcohol Rehab Offers Detox, Intervention Services, Residential Treatment, Outpatient Programs, Transitional Living, As Well As A Satellite Facility In Las Vegas, Nevada.

The drug rehab offers detox, intervention services, residential treatment, outpatient programs, transitional living, as well as a satellite facility in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, Nevada – NOVEMBER 18, 2016 – Cycles of Change Recovery Services offers sub-acute detox, including medication-assisted treatment, intervention services, residential treatment, partial hospitalization (PHP), outpatient programs, sober living as well as a satellite facility in Las Vegas.

CEO Joe Hunter is the founder of Cycles of Change, as well as its sister program, Design For Change which is located in Lancaster, California. While both facilities offer comprehensive programs, Cycles of Change is the more luxurious option.

The residential treatment facilities are located in Palmdale, and each gender-specific venue accommodates eight clients. Perched on a hilltop and offering breathtaking views of the surrounding Antelope Valley landscape, the women’s facility is a statuesque Mediterranean style villa. The house has a gorgeous swimming pool set in a patio that has a medieval patio table and ornate benches. At night, above ground pool jets provide arcs of water, brilliantly colored by a LED source.

The interior boasts high ceilings, artwork and lush furnishings all carefully arranged by the Hunters. The entire house possesses a harmonious energy, as furnishings appear to have a Feng Shui approach. Joe and his wife, Miki Hunter, personally arranged the interior décor, with Miki having a background in interior design.

The women’s house offers four private rooms and two semi-private suites. One room offers pale blue and antique white walls, a full sized bed topped with a baby blue, white and yellow comforter, pillows, a modern style nightstand topped with an adorable cerulean lamp.

The men’s house is equally impressive, with furnishings also conscientiously arranged by the Hunters. Like the women’s house, there is a positive healing energy in the air. The furniture, which includes leather couches, dark wood furniture and majestic houseplants, boasts an elegant yet masculine touch designed to make male clients feel comfortable and serene.

At Cycles of Change, a private chef meticulously prepares tasty yet healthy meals designed to help clients heal from the damages of substance addiction. Nutrition and wellness is an important part of the program here. Entrees include fresh veggies and grilled chicken. Vegetarian, heart healthy and other special meals are prepared for clients by request. Fresh coffee, fruit, yoghurt and other healthy nibbles are always provided.

Besides offering exquisite surroundings, Cycles of Change offers comprehensive recovery services starting with intervention services for families who want to help a loved one who is suffering from alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Prior to receiving inpatient care, clients undergo an evaluation with compassionate staff, who help them determine if they need detox, and if they have co-occurring disorders which means that they are prone to depression, anxiety and other mental health issues which often go hand in hand with substance addiction.

As a state of the art drug rehab, Cycles of Change believes in a holistic approach by treating the mind, body and spirit.

They proudly offer Biosound Therapy at their Palmdale locations. This amazing form of therapy, which takes place inside a private room, allows clients to reach a meditative state while relaxing on a vibrating Biolounge. Biosound Therapy is a combination of biofeedback, sound frequency healing, guided imagery and music therapy. It is perfect for clients who suffer from trauma, and helps them reach a meditative state of being. Psychodrama is also provided to help newly clean and sober men and women learn the healing powers of self-expression. During a psychodrama session, participants express past situations in their lives, that might have caused them pain and suffering. By doing so, they can delve into the origins of their substance abuse.

In addition, residents are transported to the grocery store on a weekly basis to purchase personal sundries, including cigarettes, and snacks. Transportation is provided in a luxury van. Residents are also driven to local 12-step meetings, as Cycles of Change uses a 12-step approach in its program.

The staff works with each resident on a one-on-one basis, to ensure that their individual needs are met, and to also address other issues of concern that residents don’t want to share in a group setting. Clients with co-occurring disorders are provided with the option of receiving medication management, to ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. When clients arrive at Cycles of Change, staff ensures that they feel like they are in a home away from home. And they are. Besides the gorgeous furnishings, residents have an opportunity to bond with their fellow housemates, and realize that they are not alone in their recovery.

Counselors, medical staff, and clinical team members walk the road of recovery with clients every step of the way. Treatment length is determined per client’s needs, but usually the length of stay is between 30 and 90 days. After discharge, clients receive aftercare protocols and counseling which are also determined on an individual basis.

In addition, Cycles of Change offers a partial hospitalization (PHP) for clients who can’t spend their evenings away from home. This program is ideal for working clients, or those who have children. This comprehensive PHP is also perfect for residents who have left the residential treatment program, and require more intensive care.

Other options like outpatient programs, and sober living are available. In addition, Cycles of Change is proud to provide a satellite facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cycles of Change is accredited by The Joint Commission and The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP). The honorable certification by The Joint Commission is optional, and deems Cycles of Change to be an excellent substance abuse and addiction treatment facility.

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Cycles of Change is a luxurious drug rehab that offers innovative, evidence-based treatment and a 12-step approach towards the treatment of substance addiction.


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