Las Vegas Contemporary Art Gallery Unique Mixed Media Artworks for Sale Launched

Las Vegas contemporary art gallery Elena Bulatova Fine Art has launched a new collection of artworks for sale, featuring lenticular prints on wood panels created by artist Efraim Mashiah.

Elena Bulatova Fine Art, a contemporary art gallery with locations in Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, Palm Springs, and Palm Desert, has launched a new collection of artworks for sale featuring a series of lenticular prints on wood panels by artist Efraim Mashiah. The artworks may be purchased at the gallery’s online shop.

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The new collection launched by Elena Bulotova Fine Art features unique installation artworks with a pop culture theme. Each piece is sized 30 ¾ x 30 ¾ inches or 78.1 x 78.1 cm. The lenticular look is achieved with wood panels that give the artworks a 3D effect.

The artist, Efraim “Efi” Mashiah, is known for creating three-dimensional artworks using a variety of materials, including recycled items, screws, and wood. His works have been described as challenging the boundary of painting and sculpture, with a depth that’s not found in traditional paintings.

Efi’s designs have also been called a combination of eye-catching pop images and a clean and classic sensibility. His other collections, which are also available for purchase at the Elena Bulatova Fine Art’s online shop, include a line of metal sheet barrels with iconic pop images, a fire extinguisher series in vivid colors, and more.

Efi is co-owner of Elena Bulatova Fine Art with his wife Elena Bulatova, who is also a contemporary artist. Elena was born, raised, and educated in Moscow, and moved to the US in 2007 to attend Yale University in Connecticut as a recipient of the prestigious Fox Fellowship Program.

Elena specializes in mixed media installation art and abstract painting. Among her, best-known works are her Lollipops and Popsicles series, featuring large-scale sculptures of vibrantly colored melting lollipops and popsicles in resin and acrylic.

Elena and Eli are internationally acclaimed contemporary and installation artists whose works are found in private collections everywhere. The couple has been commissioned by hotels, real estate companies, popular TV shows, and other clients looking for eye-catching and unique artworks to enhance residential or commercial spaces.

In addition to Elena’s and Eli’s works, Elena Bulatova Fine Art also features works from other accomplished contemporary artists.

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