Larimore Services is Adding a New Pressure Washing Equipment in Jacksonville FL

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Larimore Services is now adding a new fleet of pressure washing equipment as a way of improving the efficiency of their services.

Be it chimney wash, house wash, or gutter wash; power washing services can take care of all house exteriors that require regular cleaning. Larimore Services is now adding a new fleet of pressure washing equipment as a way of improving the efficiency of their services. With over 14 years of experience, this company has built a solid reputation in providing cleaning services to both residential and commercial properties in and around Jacksonville, FL.

In addition to pressure washing the company currently offers several cleaning services such as roof cleaning, carpet cleaning, professional window washing, gutter and down spout cleaning, tile, and grout cleaning services.

With the addition of this new fleet of pressure washing equipment, their customers will now enjoy a wide range of pressure washing services including;

Concrete cleaning: The new pressure washing equipment will leave the concrete in patios, pool decks, and sidewalks looking better than ever. Pressure washing of concrete helps to protect, maintain and add aesthetic value to concrete and the home. It helps to remove built-up mold deposits and dirt from weathering and general use. Pressure cleaning will allow concrete hold its clean look for months, becoming an envy of the neighbors.

House Washing: Homes with dirty siding will benefit from this strategic move by Larimore Services in Jacksonville. It’s recommended that houses be cleaned professionally every 2 years to prevent build up grime and dirt from burrowing into homes or businesses. With this new equipment, homes will look better than before which will also add their value in case the owner wants to sell in future.

Driveway and Walkway Cleaning: The new equipment will leave these two areas looking better than before and impressing everyone who comes over for a visit. Many people neglect driveways and walkways when pressures washing their house, forgetting that these are the first things visitors see when they visit their house. Homeowners find it difficult to clean these areas during regular cleaning. This is when Larimore services will step in to help. The new equipment when combined with their expertise will take care of the dirt and outside intrusions that usually get embedded into the brick pores of walkways and driveways.

Deck Washing: The deck is also one part that requires periodic cleaning. Pressure washing of decks will help protect its vinyl or wood from stains, cracks, fungi, and mold. If not taken care of by professionals, the deck will turn into a haven for spiders and other insects.

Additionally, Larimore pressure washing services will take care of the chimney, roof, fences, porch, and garage. They will take care of the rust stains on a metal chimney, and dirt, fungi, and mold from a brick chimney. Larimore pressure washing services will also leave garages sparkling cleaning by getting rid of grease marks as well as oil spots that destroy the look of most garages. These services will also put the porch and fences in good shape after the cleaning.

Garages, patios, houses, chimneys, decks will never look dirty again with the new fleet of pressure washing equipment of Larimore Services.

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