Large Terracotta Colored Planter Saucers Set To Launch On Amazon

YOUniversal Products, LLC adds to its existing product offerings with the launch of large terracotta-colored plastic planter saucers on Amazon.

YOUniversal Products, LLC, a leading online reseller of clear plastic planter saucers in North America, announced today it would be expanding its product line to include 12 inch terracotta-colored plastic planter saucers. This planter saucer is made of a durable plastic. This enhancement makes the saucer much less prone to breaking than traditional terracotta planter saucers. The planter saucer’s material also provides a higher level of surface protection from water marks, and decreases the likelihood any potential damage to surfaces. The new terracotta saucer is a safer product for high traffic areas, where traditional terracotta saucers may have broken. The durability of this product will provide any home gardener with a planter saucer that will last for years, without the fragility of typical ceramic saucers. These new saucers will be available in 5-packs, exclusively on Amazon. The company, which prides itself on offering high quality American made plastic planter saucers, will be releasing this new line of terracotta-colored saucers on May 4, 2017. This marks the eleventh product that YOUniversal Products has released in their plastic planter saucer line-up. Their original line of saucers can be found here:

Zach Ashmore, co-owner of YOUniversal Products, says, “We are thrilled to offer this new American made, terracotta-colored plastic planter saucer to better help our customers match their décor. This will allow our products to seamlessly blend into their home and lives more effectively.” He elaborates on the product-line stating, “Our passion and dedication to offering our customers quality products is already well known. We are very happy to be offering new products and solving our customers’ issues. We look forward to expanding our future product line into the garden and patio arena.” More about these new planter saucers can be found here:

YOUniversal Products, LLC has been providing customer service and American made goods since 2014. The company also revealed that they have more new product styles and offerings already in the works. YOUniversal Products, LLC is excited to provide continuing support to their customers. Zach Ashmore, made it a point to say, “We are always happy for customers to offer suggestions. We will respond to any questions or concerns that a customer may have. This helps us to offer products that are most beneficial to our customers in the long run.” More about YOUniversal Products is available on their website:

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