Laptop Lifestyle Course On Web Traffic Optimization/Internet Marketing Expanded

Michael Hehn has updated his range of internet marketing courses to include advice on generating web traffic. The course also helps business owners to optimize existing traffic.

Business advice coach Michael Hehn has updated the selection of internet marketing courses available on his website. Visitors to the site can, for example, sign up to an expanded course on web traffic generation.

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The expanded range of courses aim to fulfill Michael Hehn’s mission of promoting a “laptop lifestyle” in which work can be conducted anywhere through the use of a laptop, a smartphone, and a reliable internet connection.

Generating traffic is considered an important pursuit for many businesses. Brands spent an estimated $80 billion on SEO services in 2020, and, according to a 2019 study, 67% of companies use organic traffic in order to measure the success of their online content.

Traffic Generation Club numbers among the updated course options from Michael Hehn. The course advises participants on the key distinctions between traffic quantity and traffic quality, allowing business owners to receive better results.

Other information provided by the course includes tips on how to attract affiliates. The course describes the advantages of using such resources to promote products and, by extension, increase web traffic.

The program also offers guidance on employing under-utilized aspects of Facebook by siphoning traffic from the social media platform. Similarly, Traffic Generation Club explains how to optimize existing web traffic to procure more sales.

Additional courses available from Michael Hehn include Success Upgrade, Affiliate Profits Club, Membership Marketers Club, Power Copy Club, and Power Marketers Club. Site visitors can also make use of webinars and a number of business tools such as text-to-speech software and web hosting platforms.

Michael Hehn is a business coach whose site has 50,000 monthly visitors. His resources help business owners to scale their companies like startups and find success within 90 days through a variety of internet marketing techniques.

A satisfied client said: “I have learned so much from these courses, and I can highly recommend them. They were so informative, and made to such a high standard, that I had difficulty believing that they’re free.”

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