Langley City BC Estate Executor Support Services And Guide For Families Launched

Langley City, BC estate planning company Advisorly has launched a guide and service to support the family or friends named as executors of a loved one’s estate.

A company that provides estate planning and transition services to clients across Langley City, BC has launched a new guide and service designed to help the families and individuals who are named as estate executors. Advisorly aims to simplify the role of the executor and make it stress-free.

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The newly launched guide from Advisorly recognizes the fact that the average estate takes 580 hours to settle and often there are issues and unexpected delays the executor must manage.

While many named executors acknowledge the privilege of the position, it can be a lot of responsibility as it involves the distribution of a loved one’s estate. The role can be assigned to a friend, family member, or a professional such as a lawyer. If the deceased has a complicated will or multiple assets, it can take years to conclude the process.

As part of its estate services, Advisorly provides a guide for individuals or families who have been named as executor. It includes letters of notification for government ID’s such as a driver’s licence, health card number, Canadian passports, or International government documentation.

It also manages the notifications for health and wellbeing memberships, household-related companies including mortgage providers and utility companies, as well as financial, employment, and loyalty programs. Advisorly aims to simplify and streamline the notification process to remove stress and hassle from grieving friends and loved ones.

Once all letters of notification have been produced alongside the required documentation such as certified death certificates, identification, and any other forms, Advisorly then invites the relative or friend to sign the documents before they are delivered to the post office.

Advisorly has developed a process that is both simple and efficient in a bid to support executors and grieving families, while also ensuring the wishes of the deceased are followed.

A company representative said: “Advisorly has a certified, compassionate, and caring case management team. Our mission is to ensure that every client has the resources they need so they are prepared for aging, retirement, and beyond.”

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