Landing Gear Introduces Father’s Day Gift Idea And Exclusive Coupon On Money Belt

Landing Gear, a company known for creating innovative and effective travel accessories, is launching a new five-star scheme for a Father's Day gift.

In celebration of Father’s Day, Landing Gear announced an additional 20% off the current Amazon sale price on Landing Gear Undercover Money Belts. The Undercover Money Belt makes an ideal Father’s Day gift, it is a functional and a practical option for organizing and keeping keeping valuables safe during journeys.

Landing GearTM, has made a name for itself within the travel accessory market for offering highly-rated, functional, and practical options for keeping valuables safe during journeys. The company’s approach to customer service – with a 100% money back guarantee and dedication to complete satisfaction – has allowed it to gather a following of highly loyal and appreciative customers, evidenced by the plethora of five-star ratings it gathers on such popular sites as

The Landing Gear Undercover Money Belt is comfortable, lightweight, and completely adjustable, making it the perfect accessory to wear all day long, in both cold and warm climates. The lifetime money back guarantee also ensures that if this piece of equipment doesn’t provide complete satisfaction, an order can be cancelled online within twelve months of purchase, and a refund will be automatically processed into the consumer’s account – with no questions asked.

About RFID Money Belts Importantly, Landing Gear’s hidden money belt also comes equipped with RFID wallet protection, ensuring that passports, credit cards and cash are all kept safe from potential theft during travel experiences. Today, most credit cards have been designed using a tiny radio antenna and computer chip that allows for information to be transmitted without the owner’s knowledge or permission. This means that consumers are constantly vulnerable to the threat of theft and hijacking.

As Landing Gear suggest:”The few dollars it costs for RFID protection, even if you never need it, is worth the investment compared to the countless hours it takes to cancel credit cards that have been copied… let alone thousands of dollars that could have been stolen.”

The Landing GearTM RFID protection credit card holders and money belts are designed to offer the perfect fit to all drivers’ licenses, and standard credit cards. They can make the travelling experience a safer and more comfortable experience for anyone involved.

To access the savings coupon, and check out the various accessories and gifts available for father’s day, simply follow this link: .

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