Laminitis Organic CBD Oil For American Quarter Horses Treatment Report Released

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Cedar Meadow Farm has released a new report on the benefits of using natural CBD oil to treat horses suffering from laminitis. The report recommends single-source products from regenerative hemp farms to treat American Quarter Horses.

The launch of the new CBD oil for American Quarter Horses brings a new addition to the Cedar Meadow Farm line of equine products. CBD oil is used to treating laminitis, a painful inflammation of hoof tissue. Cedar Meadow Farm uses organic methods and regenerative farming practices to produce pure and potent equine hemp oil.

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This latest announcement reveals the company’s hemp products to be an effective treatment for laminitis, a painful condition affecting as many as 2% of horses every year. As the largest breed of ownership in the United States, American Quarter Horses are among the worst affected.

Equine laminitis damages the tissues (laminae) in horses’ hooves. The function of the laminae is to hold the pedal bone in place within the hoof, attaching it to the hoof wall. Laminitis affects the blood flow to the laminae, causing it to stretch and weaken. This can result in the pedal bone sinking within the hoof, causing extreme pain. In severe cases, the bone may rotate and drop through the sole of the hoof, for which euthanizing the animal may be the only option.

Healthy Pet Review reports that those who have tried CBD products on their horses have reported pain relief from laminitis and a more relaxed demeanor. CBD oil has also been found to help prevent the onset of the disease by reducing widespread inflammation.

The report also emphasizes the benefits of single-source hemp oil made from regenerative farming practices. Cedar Meadow Farm uses organic growing methods, using cover crops to protect their soil from erosion and enhance biological diversity within their fields. Since beginning this practice in the mid-nineties, the nutrient density of their hemp has increased, benefitting their consumers.

This latest report about Cedar Meadow Farm equine health products offers a new avenue of treatment for American Quarter Horses suffering from inflammation caused by age and activity.

About The Farm

Cedar Meadow Farm was first established in 1935 and has since established its reputation as a provider of premium hemp oil extract products. Their online store offers equine brownies, as well as peppermint flavor hemp oil extract.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We help consumers uncover the real truths behind why their produce and products rely on healthy soil and regenerative agriculture practices. The choices we’re making today are impacting the future of our food, the environment, and America’s farms.”

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