Lakewood WA Personal Nursing Care – In-Home Bathing/Dressing Services Launched

Hyatt Home Care Services (+1 206-851-5277) has launched a new range of in-home personal nursing care options for seniors across Lakewood, WA. The announcement reflects the growing demand for in-home help. It is an empowering alternative to living in a care facility.

The newly launched services include nursing care, which ranges from bathing, eating, dressing and toileting, to grooming and personal care. The need for in-home help for seniors is likely to rise as individuals delay starting their own family in favor of their careers. Many individuals will end up raising children and caring for their parents at the same time.

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In-home care can be beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Hyatt Home Care Services states that the support it provides is practical and compassionate. The new services are ideal for individuals who are showing signs of depression, are at risk of falls, or are struggling to maintain their homes. Tailored support at the right time can empower and help individuals to maintain their independence.

Aside from the personal nursing services, Hyatt Home Care Services and its qualified workforce offer emotional care. This kind of companionship can prevent loneliness and reduce social isolation, which can both be detrimental to an individual’s mental health.

Establishing the right level of care required is simple with Hyatt Home Care Services. The first step in the process is to book an In-Home Care Assessment, which will enable the company to create a tailored care plan. A schedule will be developed, and the client will be matched with a caregiver. The aim is to provide support that meets the needs of the client.

The tailored care plan can be reviewed and adjusted as often as required. Hyatt Home Care Services offers 24-hour live-in care or hourly services. The company prides itself on supporting individuals and families across Washington, whether for respite, as part of a recovery program, or for the long-term.

Aside from Lakewood, WA, Hyatt Home Care Services supports clients to live life on their own terms in Seattle, Lake Forest Park, Bellevue, Federal Way, Tacoma, and more.

A company spokesperson said: “Meeting the challenges of life’s transitions is our specialty. It’s our job to reduce the anxiety that older adults and their family typically experience during a transition. We can assist with many areas, including Senior Transition Support, Home Organization, and Home Closure.”

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