Lakeland Fitness/Boxing Gym Announced After Sean Browne Selected Olympic Coach

Navy veteran and expert boxing coach Sean Browne announced the upcoming opening of an Olympic boxing gym in Lakeland, Florida, after being selected as a USA Olympic Boxing Coach.

Sean Browne, a national USA Olympic Boxing Coach, has announced the launch of his Olympic fitness boxing and training gym, Sean Browne Team USA based in Lakeland, Florida. The announcement marks an important achievement for Sean, who has been selected as a USA Olympic Boxing Coach.

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The latest announcement provides an effective and popular exercise training program for those who would like to explore alternative workout strategies to enhance their health and energy levels.

Mr. Browne, a veteran Navy command fitness leader, was recently selected as a USA Olympic boxing coach. His skill as a physical trainer in the military resulted in a consistent 98% first-time pass rate as well as helping his wife become physically fit enough to enter the Space Force program.

The Team USA boxing gym was born out of his deep passion for physical fitness and health and will be officially opening its doors to the public very soon.

A lack of regular exercise contributes to weakened heart muscles and a decrease in bone density in those who are getting older. It also affects artery and joint health. Additionally, an increase in stress levels can negatively affect self-confidence as well as emotional and mental health.

The Olympic Team USA fitness boxing gym offers Lakeland, Florida clients access to highly interactive and engaging workout solutions that help decrease stress levels as well as improve endurance, cardiovascular health, and weight control.

Their health and fitness website allows Lakeland clients to book 1-hour group or individual boxing training sessions with group classes held three times a week. The focus on cardio fitness and muscle building helps the client achieve a strong, fit body and enhance their endurance abilities significantly.

The boxing gym’s goal is to make getting fit an enjoyable experience that helps change client’s lives. Part of the exercise program is to identify the client’s goals and work together with their needs and abilities to get the desired results within a short space of time.

With the latest announcement, the Sean Browne Team USA fitness boxing gym continues to invest in high-quality exercise and fitness solutions to help their Lakeland, Florida clients incorporate alternative workout strategies to improve their health.

Sean Browne said, “Getting in shape is not meant to be a torturous endeavor. I get to change lives for a living, which is not only a privilege but incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. As a fully qualified and accredited USA Olympic Boxing trainer, I firmly believe in the positive benefits that fitness can bring to all areas of our lives”

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