Lake Worth Florida Safe Laser Tattoo Removal Site Launched

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The latest laser technology for tattoo removal has been introduced by Laser Skin and Wellness in Lake Worth Florida, having launched a website for its 'laser skin solutions' laser tattoo removal service.

Laser Skin and Wellness in Lake Worth Florida has launched a website for its safe and effective laser tattoo removal services.

More details can be obtained from the Laser Skin Solutions website:

Traditionally, the removal of tattoos has been known to be a very lengthy and painful process with only a moderate level of success. The advent of laser now enables the successful and safe removal of tattoos with great results.

The removal of tattoos with laser surgery is one of the fastest growing services in the dermatology industry. For many Americans, a tattoo turns in o a mark of regret. The American Society of Dermatological Surgery estimates that over 50 percent of people with tattoos want them removed. Other sources claim that up to 80 percent of tattoo recipients regret their choice.

Laser Skin and Wellness’ website details the removal procedure and offers complimentary consultations. Prior to today’s laser removal methods, it’s been extremely difficult to have a tattoo removed, not to mention costly and painful. The national average minimum spend on removing tattoos has been $7,000 per tattoo, taking at least 10 to 15 treatments spread out over two years or more; with results showing up average, as the tattoos are often still visible. However, with the advent of tattoos on the rise, so is their removal, with more and more unhappy people willing to pay the price of removal.

Laser tattoo removal can only be performed by trained medical folk or dermatologists, such as Laser Skin and Wellness in Lake Worth, Florida. It uses the Cutera Enlighten™ laser for what it says is one of the safest and most effective tattoo removal methods available on today’s market. The beneficial features of the Enlighten, as detailed on the Laser Skin and Wellness website, include: a dual wavelength option allowing the laser to remove multiple colors from a single tattoo (previously a number of lasers were required); dual pulse speed, allowing for much quicker and easier removal; a wide spot range, allowing the easy treatment of both small and large tattoos.

On its website, Laser Skin and Wellness also highlights the benefit of the Enlighten laser’s speed, making it the fastest tattoo removal laser available on the market at the present time. Laser Skin and Wellness can be contacted for a complimentary consultation via a web contact form or phone number, from its website.

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