Lake & Pond Fish Attractor Structures for Plano, N Texas & DFW – Report Released

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When it comes to lake management, there are different seasons for different tasks. Now is the time to focus on structures, fish habitats, water quality and pH.

To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose and that is true for managed lakes, ponds, and fisheries. For those in charge of these water properties, it is time to consider habitat and water quality.

Habitat considerations have to do with creating proper environments for the feeder and predator fish. If habitat additions of brush, artificial structures, or rock piles are needed, now is the time to do that.

Rock piles create spawning areas for bluegill and other bait fish. Bigger rock piles are great for holding bass.

One way to keep bait fish in a locale is to use cedar trees. Cedar branches allow the smaller bait fish to be protected while keeping out the larger fish. Cedar works great for this purpose, but must be replenished every two years to be effective.

Artificial habitat additions, on the other hand, will last as long as the pond does. However, artificial habitats are a more expensive solution.

Besides the internal aquatic environment of a lake, the shoreline is important as well. Ideally, 20 – 40% of the shoreline should have some form of habitat.

In addition to considering the habitat around the lake, and the structures in the lake, it is also the right time to improve water quality. Using gypsum or lime will help bring the aquatic environment to the proper pH.

A summary of the tasks is available here:

As mentioned before, there are certain seasons for certain tasks. During the cooler winter season, fish are in the warmer deeper waters. Therefore, doing fish surveys is difficult in cooler winter weather. Weeds are usually under control during the winter season. So while those tasks can wait for later, it is the time to do the important, but often forgotten, tasks of improving water and habitat quality for the fishery.

This is where Lochow Ranch Pond & Lake Management comes into the picture. They have professionally served Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Plano, North Texas, and the surrounding areas with over 60 years of combined expertise. Lochow Ranch employs only the most highly qualified industry experts. If it’s important to pond and lake management, they handle it.

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