Lake Orion DUI Lawyers From The Offices of Laidler & Zielinski Launch Video Marketing Campaign

Lake Orion, Michigan DUI Lawyers of the Law Offices of The Law Offices of Laidler & Zielinski, PLLCare announcing a new online video campaign to educate and inform the public and potential clientsabout different types of legal representation including DUI defense information.

The Law Offices of Laidler & Zielinski, PLLC in Lake Orion, Michigan announces their brand-new online video marketing campaign to better connect with potential clients and to inform the marketplace about their professional DUI legal services. Clients can now see their video channel at and view their videos and reviews of current clients as testimonials of the firm’s exceptional attorney services.

The Law Offices of Laidler & Zielinski, PLLC in Lake Orion, Michigan focuses its practice in the areas of DUI, Criminal Defense and Traffic Defense, Personal and Business Litigation, Probate Estates and Agreements. Attorneys Kevin Laidler and Rob Zielinski have gained 23 years of combined experience from representation involving a diverse assortment of practice areas in the Lake Orion area. 

Attorney Laidler was instrumental in the nationally recognized case People v. Maynor, which abrogated the distinction between general and specific intent crimes in the state of Michigan. 

A large part of Attorney Zielinski’s advocacy has been in the area of creditor and consumer law, representing banks and lenders in the context of collections and regulatory compliance. Attorney Zielinski is a seasoned civil litigator, often using his skills for consumer defense and commercial contract disputes.  

The firm’s initial video marketing campaign will focus on traffic violation defense, dui attorney defense seeking to educate the general public as well as individuals who may need a dui attorney in Lake Orion Michigan. The firm plans to educate and inform potential clients about their  individual’s rights in case they find themselves in legal situation that requires the representation of a skilled and experienced lawyer. 

The online video marketing campaign is of an educational nature. Many individuals who  face DUI charges are simply not aware of the rights they have. The Dui Attorney and Traffic Defense Attorney videos seek to change all of this. 

One video for example discusses a very common question an individual may ask about whether  they should seek the counsel of a DUI Attorney or not. The video explains that hiring an experienced Lake Orion DUI attorney provides benefits such as attorney familiarity with the court system, knowledge of plea bargain details, and the ability to navigate complex administration procedures.  A person who has been charged with a DUI Offense may find these items to be most beneficial to the outcome of their case. 

The video campaign is a small part of the overall marketing that Laidler & Zielinski, PLLC have initiated online. In addition, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other Social Media sites are being utilized as well as a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to help rank the company website higher in Google’s organic search results. 

Attorneys Kevin Laidler and Rob Zielinski strive to provide quality legal representation for the citizens of the Lake Orion community and the broader northern Oakland County area of Michigan.To find out more about the online video marketing campaign and the The Law Offices of Laidler & Zielinski, PLLC one can visit their latest video and their website at

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