Lake Balboa CA Flower Shop – Wedding/Anniversary Floral Arrangements Updated

Floral Event Production (818-517-6363), a floral event shop located in Lake Balboa, California, updates its range of products to offer customers ideal floral arrangements for any occasion.

With the updated range, customers seeking to celebrate particular events have access to specially selected arrangements of flowers that are suited to them. For example, those celebrating anniversaries can filter their search for flowers accordingly on the website, and select an arrangement such as the Wisps of Love bouquet. Wisps of Love is a black ceramic vase containing 20 tulips, hydrangeas, and 18 roses.

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The updated range does not cater exclusively to joyous occasions, ensuring that those wishing to console a loved one in difficult times can purchase an appropriate arrangement. With the Sympathy and Funeral filter, customers can find arrangements appropriate for grieving, such as the Canna Lily Bowl. This vine-lined, glass bubble bowl includes hypericum berries, pure white canna lilies, and greenery.

Flowers stir the senses and imagination like few other things on earth, and have been the eternal muses of painters, poets, musicians, and other artists. Their aromas and appearances are beloved around the world, and the diversity of their symbolism has been appreciated throughout the ages. Secretive systems of flower languages were even developed in Victorian England and within the Ottoman Empire.

Given the richness of floral traditions, it is little wonder flowers still make ideal gifts, but florists are often limited in their ranges and arrangements.

Floral Event Production offers an extremely wide yet navigable range of high-quality flowers that are able to be matched to any occasion. Despite the range’s width, appropriate flower selections are easily found through a comprehensive filter system. Searches on the shop’s website can be filtered not only by event but also by color, price, flower type, and style.

Floral Event Production is a florist located in Lake Balboa, California, and is centered around the passion for beauty and art held by its head designer, Karina Grigoryants. Karina has been involved with the floral industry since 2007, and is a graduate of OTIS school of art.

A satisfied customer said: “The bouquets were just what I had imagined and I received so many compliments. Karina is incredibly easy to work with.”

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