Laguna Beach Art Pieces Purchasing Tips Mistakes To Avoid Guide Launched

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A new guide on the mistakes made when purchasing art pieces has been launched by Elena Bulatova. It also features tips on how to detect quality art and how to avoid getting ripped off by scammers.

Artist Elena Bulatova has launched a guide featuring tips to keep in mind when purchasing art pieces. The owner of the Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery penned the guide to assist potential customers in making the right purchases when visiting art shops in Laguna Beach.

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According to the newly launched guide, buying art can be a pleasurable experience, so long as one knows how to pick the correct art piece. It can, however, be difficult for new buyers who are unaware of the mistakes that might take place while making a purchase.

This latter knowledge motivated Elena to compile the guide, giving her expert advice on how one can avoid common mistakes while buying new art pieces. The guide discusses five of these mistakes.

The first mistake highlighted by the guide is that of not knowing about the artwork. On this note, it explains that not knowing, or having no interest in knowing about the art piece one intends to buy is a mistake.

To correct this, the guide encourages that one finds out such information as if the piece is an original, a reproduction, a poster, or something else. This, it explains, will help one know the true value of the art piece.

Another mistake noted in the guide pertains to dealing with unscrupulous art sellers. According to Elena, one needs to ensure that the art seller one is buying from has been in the business for years. To know this, she encourages that one uses the web to do background checks on the individual.

The guide also encourages that one needs to look for certain factors while choosing a painting from an art shop in Laguna Beach. Checking to see if the canvas is poorly stretched or prepared, or if the paint is falling off, among other factors, will help determine the state of the artwork.

“Check if the picture has glass and if there is, there should be proper matting for protecting the artwork. Make sure there are the artist’s signature and the number of the limited edition print. These should not be cut off or inserted on the back of the frame,” Elena advises.

Not knowing the artist is another mistake while shopping for art pieces that the guide highlights. This, according to Elena, is a big mistake since knowing an artist’s credentials will help one determine the true value of the artwork.

Given that artwork can get damaged due to poor framing, the art expert also advises that one examines the framing of the piece one intends to buy. On this note, she encourages artwork purchasers to buy pieces that are well framed.

“Buying art from an art shop in Laguna Beach can be a pleasant journey throughout life, in other words, can be a lifetime investment. Just make sure you are investing in the right product,” she states.

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