Lagos Nigeria Soulful Brand Launches Soulicto Craft Gin With South African Herbs

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The Soulful Brand, a Johannesburg-based craft company (+234-70-6369-6593) producing high-quality spirits and mixers, launched their new Soulicto Gin in Lagos, Nigeria. The premium gin pays tribute to the aromatic heritage of South Africa and the company is excited to share it with the World.

Soulicto Gin is a uniquely hand-crafted London Dry gin distilled from South African wheat and locally sourced herbs and botanicals. With its launch in Lagos, Nigeria, the company aims to revitalize a distinct African drinking culture that values indigenous scents and flavours.

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The newly launched Soulicto Gin can put a refreshing spin on popular cocktails including Mojito, Gin Martini and Margarita. The company produces and distributes a range of beverages that showcase local tradition and innovation. They are recognised for their high level of customer satisfaction as a direct store delivery company.

The Soulful Brand celebrates Johannesburg’s creative energy and inclusivity with the help of its diverse, experienced team and an updated product line. As a sustainable brand that respects the natural bounty of the region, the craft distillery has infused Soulicto Gin with lemon, citrus, and herbaceous notes. Edible plants including dittany, beetroot, bog myrtle, purslane, rock samphire, wood avens, spignel, and lovage give the beverage its distinct coastal flavour.

Micro-distilleries in South Africa have gained popularity for creating artisanal beverages that celebrate the country’s biodiversity. Lagos, Nigeria has a vibrant social scene and in recent years, boutique distilleries have gained popularity. According to the team at the Soulful Brand, Soulicto Gin adds a layer of sophistication to the basic, market-produced juniper beverage. The launch of Soulicto brings the distinct flavour profile of South African herbs and aromatics to gin connoisseurs in Lagos.

With the latest announcement, The Soulful Brand continues its commitment to become a leading distributor of craft beverages in Africa, through its premium-quality products and exceptional customer service. The company also expects to announce the release of new lines of drink mixes and a signature cocktail beverage.

About Soulful Brand

Soulicto Operations were started in 2018 by Roger Mhlontlo, with new partners Nqobizizwe Ndlovu and Sanky Mbiza joining in August 2021 to establish the Soulful Brand. Soulicto Gin distributorships have been secured for Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, while negotiations are underway for Nigeria, Mozambique, Swaziland, Ghana, Tanzania Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, Kenya, and other countries.

A spokesperson from Nigeria, Prosper Egeonu (Executive Sale Representative) for the company said, “Our goal is to set gin apart from other alcohols In Nigeria by promoting the benefits of consuming it responsibly. We wish to continuously improve our performance and exceed expectations in Nigeria and on a global scale.”

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