Lafayette Chiropractor Non-Invasive Injury Pain Treatment Plans Updated

A newly updated chiropractic service has been launched by The Nerve Health Institute in Lafayette. Clients can benefit from cutting-edge personalized plans to achieve optimum health and wellness.

The Nerve Health Institute in Lafayette has launched an updated chiropractic service to provide optimal health solutions for local patients. Dr Chris Cormier and his team are fully committed to helping each patient they work with enjoy a healthy, happy life.

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The Nerve Health Institute provides patients of all ages with non-surgical and holistic treatments for pain and injury. Since the clinic’s founding in 2010, it has developed a reputation for excellent service.

Patients can receive high quality treatments utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Tailored programs are designed to provide appropriate and effective care for every patient’s unique needs.

The updated chiropractic services available from The Nerve Health Institute are designed to provide effective and long-lasting treatment for back pain, neck pain and other pain-related issues.

Dr Chris Cormier values the health and wellbeing of his patients with a focus on long-term recovery. His treatments take a whole-person approach, with emphasis on not just treating the symptoms, but getting to the root cause of the condition.

In this way, patients can get the most effective holistic solutions to their pain or injury. Chiropractic adjustments can assist with herniated discs, shoulder pain, joint pain, headaches, sports injuries and more.

There are numerous benefits of patients getting chiropractic adjustments. These include improving joint mobility, function and health while also decreasing ongoing inflammatory issues.

Digital x-rays are used to provide qualitative and quantitative data that can form the groundwork for a custom treatment plan.

The team states: “Our chiropractic center works with patients of all ages, ranging from prenatal care to infants, children and teens to middle aged adults and senior citizens. Whether you are in need of a tune-up or have chronic pain you have been suffering from for years, Dr. Chris Cormier will create a plan unique to you.”

Full details of the updated service can be found on the URL above.

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