Lafayette CA Sciatica Pain Relief Specialist – Physical Therapy Services Launch

Lafayette Physical Therapy, Inc. (+1-925-284-6150) updated its range of sciatica pain relief solutions for patients in Lafayette, California, and the surrounding area.

With the recent announcement, the physical therapy practice is dedicated to helping patients get to the root of their pain and provide long-lasting relief.

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Their updated services are designed to assess one’s unique situation and provide the physical therapy treatments that will reduce or eliminate pain without the need for medication or an invasive surgical procedure.

The American Physical Therapy Association estimates that one out of every four Americans has experienced back pain in the past three months. Back pain or nagging aches in the back or thighs, or even legs, is most commonly associated with sciatica, or an irritation to the sciatic nerve.

Other symptoms of sciatica include altered sensation, tingling and muscle weakness, and the team at Lafayette Physical Therapy understand how to get to the root cause and properly treat this condition. They will analyze the patient’s history and use a variety of physical tests to determine the origin of the sciatic pain, such as increased muscle tone or tightness, limited nerve mobility and lumbar range of motion tests.

Based on this comprehensive evaluation, the physical therapists will create a specific treatment plan for each patient’s individual needs. The first phase of the treatment usually focuses on getting to the root cause of the pain and working on pain management. After ensuring proper pain management, they will start focusing on strengthening the patient’s core and improving their movement control and strengthen hips with specific exercises. They will also focus on increasing the range of motion, posture, and stamina, and on taking care of the spine to avoid future problems. Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy has also been added as a treatment option for sciatica and back pain which helps with pain relief and tissue healing as an adjunct to a customized physical therapy plan of care.

About The Practice

Lafayette Physical Therapy has been serving the Lamorinda community for over 46 years. They are committed to continue helping patients get their pain under control and return to their normal function as quickly as possible.

They are also providing Back Pain Workshops online, where members of the community can learn about back anatomy and mechanics, common injuries, treatments, and ask questions about back pain and treatment. Information can be obtained by contacting the office by phone or through the website contact form.

A satisfied patient said: “I recently retired, and I was excited to enjoy golfing and surfing, but lower back pain problems prevented me from fully engaging in these activities. Working with Lauren, who specializes in back issues, was extremely helpful. She emphasized the quality vs quantity of exercises and persisted in showing me the proper approach. She even showed me how to adjust my car seat.”

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