Lafayette CA Invasive Aquatic Weed Removal Expert – Fast Harvest Service Updated

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Lafayette, CA-based DK Environmental (925-935-4200) known for its flood control services, wetland constructions, and dredging capabilities, has updated its local services to focus on the removal of pre-emergent aquatic weeds.

The highly reputable company, a firm with over 35 years of experience enhancing aquatic environments, has updated its services to focus on the reduction of invasive pre-emergent aquatic weeds, including water irises, bulrushes, and cattails. DK Environmental uses the latest equipment and technology to deliver fast weed harvesting from waterways.

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DK Environmental, which specializes in aquatic weed harvesting in ponds and lakes, employs a modern fleet of amphibious maintenance equipment to tackle all aquatic ecosystems suffering the dangerous effects of invasive weed infestation.

An aquatic weed is a plant that develops – typically too densely – in an area to the point where it makes natural maintenance of the region impossible. Excess nutrients in the water or the introduction of rapidly-growing exotic species can cause them to thrive in ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, navigation channels, and seashores. Aquatic weeds generate a variety of issues, from unsightly growth and bothersome scents to blockage of waterways, damage to boats and underwater equipment, and water quality degradation.

Invasive weed damage and management costs in the United States exceed $30 billion per year. This nuisance vegetation covers around 100,000 million acres or almost the same area as California. Each day, invasive weeds cover an additional 4,500 acres of public lands and waters.

DK Environmental prevents these unwelcome plants from destroying fish and wildlife habitats, blocking navigation and flood controls, and halting recreational activities such as swimming and fishing. The company’s services can protect tourism and property values as well.

Invasive weeds have several common traits that the Lafayette, CA aquatic weed control company is equipped to combat. They grow fast and spread across large areas; survive in many different temperatures, light, water, and soil conditions; are difficult to control, and nearly impossible to eradicate. It is difficult and in most cases unnecessary to remove weeds entirely from a lake or stream. As a result, the company’s weed control methods focus on reducing weed prevalence to a manageable level.

Cutting, pulling, or raking weeds by hand is an inefficient physical method of weed removal. It takes a very long time, requires enormous effort, and is ineffective in the long term. Only equipment such as that deployed by DK Environmental – modern, amphibious machinery designed for the express purpose of aquatic habitat management – has proven effective in the war against weeds.

About the Company

DK Environmental is a leading aquatic maintenance provider founded by Dave McNabb in 1996. McNabb has operated Aquamog machines for more than 25 years and has completed lake restoration projects for the City of Los Angeles.

“Our mission is to minimize the damage done by invasive weeds within local ecosystems’, said a company spokesperson. ‘Our 35 years of experience and modern machinery enables us to mitigate, if not eliminate the threat of pre-emergent invasive weeds.”

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