Lack of Alcohol Treatment Results in Tragic Death

An expert in the field of alcohol and drug abuse says the recent death of a homeless man from alcohol could have been prevented.

A recent tragedy in Butte has called awareness to the problem of detoxing from alcohol without the proper care and supervision of trained professionals. A homeless man was found dead, and authorities in Butte say that he died from alcohol withdrawal.

“Alcoholism is a disease,” says a spokesman from Sober Gateway Treatment and Therapy Center. “The common perception is that alcoholics can just quit drinking, but that’s actually a dangerous way to try and get sober. When a person is used to getting alcohol everyday, they become both physically and mentally addicted and dependent on it. And when it’s taken away, the body reacts by vomiting, becoming dehydrated, and having seizures. And if it’s bad enough, the person can die, just like the homeless man did.”

Experts says that in the US, 1 in 20 people suffer from the disease of alcoholism. And it is a disease, according to experts and those people who are afflicted. Doug Rotondi, who used to be an alcoholic, but has been in recovery for some time, says “People recovering from alcohol abuse say the road to getting clean and sober can be a rough one. Even though you say you’re going to stop, you can’t. Your brain doesn’t allow you to do that and so it took several attempts.”

The spokesman from Sober Gateway agrees. “We treat people on a daily basis who can’t quit drinking, and we know from all of the people who have come to us for help that they can’t just muster up the willpower to stop drinking. Alcoholism is a disease, and it has to be treated like one in order for the alcoholic to achieve the sobriety they need.”

Experts say that the key to a safe recovery is to allow trained professionals to help you through the process. “A person who is withdrawing from alcohol needs specialized care in order to get through it safely and effectively,” says the spokesman. “A serious alcoholic should never attempt to get sober by themselves. They should check into a qualified rehab center in order to have the best chance of recovery—and to achieve it safely.”

Experts say that while some alcoholics may benefit from outpatient treatment centers, others may require an in-house stay in a treatment center that will help them overcome their addiction for good. “There are good and bad rehab treatment centers,” says the spokesman. “And it’s important to find a good one in your area that can help you get your life back on track.”

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