La Quinta CA Spinal Decompression Treatment Local Chiropractor Service Expanded

Spinal Injury Center (+1-760-863-5955) has expanded its services throughout La Quinta, CA. Patients suffering from pain as a result of herniated discs can get in touch for an individualized treatment program.

The newly expanded back pain relief treatment uses disc regeneration to improve joint mobility and reduce pain. It’s suitable for those with lower back issues, neck pain, degenerative disc disease, and sciatica.

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Health industry research shows that around 19% of US adults over the age of 40 have disc displacement. Symptoms include lower back pain, numbness in the shoulders, back, or arms, and problems straightening the back. The newly expanded service aims to alleviate these issues.

Spinal Injury Center has a highly trained team dedicated to high-quality chiropractic treatments. Health and wellness plans are designed with individual patients in mind, with the goal of eliminating pain and improving mobility.

The team understands the impact that back pain can have on patients’ lifestyles. Spinal decompression is a natural form of treatment that provides reliable and proven results without patients having to rely on medication.

During the process, patients will lay on a motorized table, which uses traction to relieve pressure. Computer-aided treatment plans target patients’ specific pain points, eliminating pressure on the nerves.

The treatment begins with an initial consultation with the chiropractor, Dr. Marco Cazares. This is a chance for individuals to discuss their back pain and get answers to any queries they have. Spinal decompression treatments can then be arranged, with each lasting around 45 minutes.

Dr. Marco Cazares is a renowned spinal decompression specialist in the Coachella Valley. His focus is on providing bespoke solutions for patients with herniated discs, relying on natural processes to reduce the need for surgery.

Other services available through the clinic include massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle advice. The experienced team utilizes cutting-edge technology and the latest practices to help patients get back to peak health faster.

A spokesperson for the clinic states: “Is pain interfering with your normal daily activities? Don’t continue to suffer when our chiropractor can provide relief using natural methods. We recommend a customized course of treatment to relieve pain without the use of surgery or medication.”

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