La Quinta CA Chiropractor Herniated Disc Spinal Decompression Treatment Launched

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Spinal Injury Center of Indio, CA launches the revolutionary Antalgic-Trak treatment. This offering provides effective relief to patients who suffer from herniated discs and scoliosis.

Indio, CA-based Spinal Injury Center announces the launch of its spinal decompression treatment. The practice uses the revolutionary machine called Antalgic-Trak to provide safe and effective treatment for issues such as herniated discs, scoliosis, and spinal decompression.

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This innovative treatment was launched to provide an alternative option for patients who have tried traditional therapies without success. Spinal Injury Center is the only practice in the area that offers Antalgic-Trak, giving people access to a cutting-edge technology that is proven to be effective.

Dr. Marco Cazares, the clinic’s principal chiropractor, says that spinal compression happens when excessive pressure is applied to the spine, thus causing symptoms such as numbness, pain, and weakness. It is one of the biggest contributors to the prevalence of back and neck pain in America.

The Antalgic-Trak machine can pinpoint a herniated disc so that it can receive more effective treatment. This device articulates the spine in three planes, hence effectively restoring the spinal column to its optimal alignment.

Unlike other machines that use pulleys, Antalgic-Trak uses actuators that provide more finessed elongation measured in millimeters. Studies show that results are better when elongation is done gradually, hence more patients experience better outcomes after treatment.

Dr. Cazares gives a case study wherein one patient could barely lift their arm to brush their hair or teeth. After just one week and six treatments, he experienced significant improvements in his mobility and no longer needs a caretaker.

Antalgic-Trak is non-invasive and requires no medication, thus making it safe for a vast majority of patients. Furthermore, Dr. Cazares has received one-on-one training from David Bass, the machine’s inventor.

Spinal Injury Center is a leading chiropractic clinic that offers a full range of spinal treatments, holistic lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, and massage therapy. With its introduction of Antalgic-Trak, it aims to deliver the most advanced treatment methods to patients.

A satisfied client had this to say of the practice: “I’ve been a patient for years and I commend the thoroughness of their treatments. I can’t imagine anyone visiting this clinic and not feeling better afterward.”

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