La Habra Dentist Offers Dental Care Membership to Those in the 90631 Area

Dr. Elizabeth Tran is now offering a Dental Care Membership to help those in the La Habra area in being able to afford quality, routine dental care.

Dentist Elizabeth Tran of Smooth Dental Group in La Habra is now offering a Dental Care Membership program to those in the La Habra and 90631 areas. Dr. Tran has found that many people avoid going to the dentist due to nerves or being afraid of dental work. From her experience in the dental field and in speaking with her patients and getting to know them she believes that many don’t see the importance or value in getting routine check-ups and as a result of that, they are then faced with having to have more work done later which can sometimes be uncomfortable. 

Whether people avoid regular check-ups and cleanings due to cost, potential diagnosis or are afraid of some sort of pain they feel they will experience, the bottom line is that avoiding the dentist only hurts themselves. That is why Dr. Tran is now offering the Dental Care Membership to those in the area. For anyone who finds themselves experiencing any of the above, this is an opportunity to change it all. Dr. Tran believes that one’s overall health depends in part on the care and health of one’s teeth. The teeth and the mouth are the gateway to the rest of the body. In Dr. Tran’s office, maintaining a healthy smile with cleanings, examinations and routine dental procedures are not things that one needs to be afraid of or tries to avoid. With her Dental Care Membership, it is now affordable for just about everyone who wants to have a healthy smile. Her current offer of $180 for 1 year of the Dental Care Membership includes free cleanings, discounts and more. With that offer, it is now easier than ever to take charge of one’s oral health.

On her website,, Dr. Tran has multiple offers for those in the La Habra and 90631 areas such as; $69 for an Exam with X-Rays and a Cleaning, a Free Second Opinion Offer, Free Dental Implant Consultation for those who might need Implants or Dentures, or $500 off a Sleep Apnea Device. With so many offers its easy to see that Dr. Tran wants to make quality dental care available to everyone in the La Habra area. 

For questions about any of these offers go to their website above or contact the office directly at (562) 694-4800.

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