LA Democratic Vote: 2020 Latino Candidate Running Best County Supervisor Race

Los Angeles Democratic County Supervisor race candidate Mayor and Attorney Albert Robles selects CandiMALL GOTV Store digital toolbox to outreach to Democrat voters in L.A. March 3, 2020.

Democrat Candidate for Los Angeles County Supervisor District 2 Mayor Albert Robles, a Constitutional Attorney from Carson, CA has chosen CandiMALL GOTV Store digital toolbox suite to green his outreach to the voters in the March 3, 2020 Election.

Carson Mayor Albert Robles, a “Top 100 Green Endorsed Latino” in the United States, has decided to take his bid for LA County Supervisor green as well. His innovative success in cleaning water and air are highly recognized around the world. A $120 million international award winning water recycling and environmental learning center has taken his name this past October 2019 The Albert Robles Center for Water Recycling and Environmental Learning opened last month and it will produce over 3 billion gallons of water to replenish the L.A. groundwater basins and replace expensive and unreliable water from the Delta and Colorado River. This solves centuries of problems of too much water being taken from Southern California.

AS Mayor of Carson Attorney Robles has been recognized for improving air quality when the city contracted their trash program to a company using electric powered trucks. This is a first in the nation and the trash contractor will also create additional jobs because their trucks will be assembled locally.

The political digital marketing agency, CandiMALL GOTV Store, offers political campaigns a suite of green digital tools for political outreach. Their Executive Vice President Antonio Inocentes II said, “partnering with Mayor Albert Robles and his Los Angeles County Supervisor 2020 team was a natural. We are a green company and Mayor Robles loves to do things green, we don’t use trees, and we don’t pollute the air either.You can’t be more green than us.”

Mayor Attorney Albert Robles added, “The fact that we are campaigning in the green shows who is the most committed to the issues and values that matter. In Carson we recently opened an all inclusive playground where all children can play together with their friends and siblings regardless of their abilities. Mayor Robles also mentioned his professional expertise as an attorney includes urban planning and development and those are qualifications no one else brings. These are the absolute skills required to end the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles.” Robles closed his comments by sharing, “Others promise,but I deliver!”

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