La Chorrera Fincas Raw Rural Development Land Real Estate Portal Launched

Fincas Panama have launched an online real estate portal dedicated to fincas and raw land perfect for social industrial, and agricultural development projects in La Chorrera.

Fincas Panama have just launched an online portal to upload, search for, and find real estate for sale in La Chorrera, Pacora, and Capira areas of Panama, specializing in “fincas”, including undeveloped rural land, farm land, and land with sources of fresh drinking water.

The newly launched online property portal is perfect for both people looking to sell their fincas and developers looking to buy them.

More information is available at

Fincas Panama new online portal gives access to a range of fincas (rural land) across Panama, perfect for commercial and residential development, agriculture, land banking, land flipping and more.

The real estate site emphasizes the benefits of social development projects in Panama, as the national government gives a $10,000 incentive to developers who invest in these necessary projects.

The Panamanian government have created an incentive as there is a shortage of 200,000 affordable homes in the country currently and the development of social housing would support the national economy and relieve the conditions of poverty.

To undertake these social development projects with Fincas Panama, experienced developers must have adequate data to show that they are able to carry these social projects through to completion.

Additionally, the newly launched portal highlights the importance of renewable energy projects, which are also a worthy investment in Panama.

In addition to offering rural land with natural sources of drinkable water, Fincas Panama are aware of this developing interest in renewable energy, such as hydroelectric power farms and other clean energy projects.

Other social projects can be undertaken on these high quality and often completely undeveloped lands, including those relating to commercial hospitality, agricultural and cattle-rearing, and private property development. Located in La Chorrera, Pacora, and Capira areas, their available fincas have good transport links to Panama City despite being rural, including lands situated close to the Pan-American highway (La Carretera Interamericana).

Their available properties range between eight and eighty-five hectares in size and are ideal for industrial, social interest, property, or agricultural development.

Fincas Panama’s new portal is ideal for Panamanian property agents looking on behalf of clients, land developers seeking a new project, or people simply curious about real estate investment opportunities in Panama.

People looking to publish their raw land and fincas on the online portal can send Fincas Panama an email for free advertisement, permitting they meet a few necessary prerequisites.

More information on pricing and contact details can be found at the URL above, or by calling +507-6238-3315.

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